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    David Sobeski
    David Sobeski
    CTO at Disney
    Greater Seattle
    LocationGreater Seattle
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    09/2010 - Present
    Driving Disney to deliver great products and experiences for mobile devices, handhelds, consoles, Macs & PC and the web. Ensuring that we have the right platform and tools to deliver great games, web sites and tell stories.
    04/2010 - 09/2010
    As Chief Technology Officer, I ensure that Playdom develops excellent front-end engineering while building flawless back-end scalability. Core to the success is our new Gaming-as-a-Service platform that allows for a common platform for social games to be built and deployed. The “Game Cloud” allows creatives and game designers to focus on the game and not how to scale or deploy a complex social game. The motto that I have put in place is that creative drives technology and technology drives creative. Besides focusing on the technology, I am building out Playdom Mobile efforts and taking on the role of driving new products throughout the company. I am also involved in building out the studio system and acquiring new studios.
    05/2009 - 09/2010
    Advising technology companies to develop and deliver rich experiences.
    03/2007 - 11/2007
    I am responsible for delivering a new “open” mission for Yahoo that includes the Yahoo Publishing Network that is getting 3rd party web sites excited to host “Ads by Yahoo” as well as the entire developer organization. This includes all of the Yahoo Platform initiatives, Yahoo Developer Network, Yahoo Client Applications & Technology and future Yahoo products. I am also the Chief Software Architect (CSA) for Yahoo that reports to the CTO to deliver the future technologies and roadmap for the company.Recently, delivered on the mission of creating the Y!OS (Yahoo OS) that will enable 3rd parties to build applications on top of Y! services and technologies. This will also allow third parties to integrate with data services and host their applications directly within Y! properties.I also serve on the executive board that is in-charge of redefining Yahoo! and creating a new corporate culture as well as a new business model.
    11/2006 - 03/2007
    Redefine the engineering and corporate structure of Yahoo! to be more agile in wake of increased competition from Google and Microsoft. I am responsible for delivering a plan for reorganizing the engineering organization and delivering a long-term vision and strategy for delivering a new “Internet OS” where Yahoo! customers can find what they want when they want and what device they want.
    01/2003 - 01/2004
    Bill Gates and Mohsen Agsen (VP Exchange & Technical Fellow) asked me to help the Exchange product compete with RIM ’s Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) by making Exchange the best mail server for mobile connectivity. I was instrumental in breaking Exchange into a series of services. The front-end service was isolated so it can release faster than the core mail distribution or data storage system. The front-end was engineered to easily add new capabilities quickly without effecting the core Exchange engine. It was the front-end piece that we were able to add mobile access functionality. Part of this role was also to drive industry standards and join industry mobile boards.
    01/2002 - 01/2003
    Microsoft put development efforts in PC gaming aside. This group/organization was created to rebuild excitement around Windows gaming. Built a team of 5 developers, 10 artists and producers to build a game for Windows. The concept was to show next generation PC gaming, not necessarily to deliver product. The team focused on delivering the game but the idea was never accepted to publish to the mass market.
    01/2000 - 01/2003
    David Vaskevitch asked me to join his organization to help with the strategy for Microsoft’s Developer Division, Business Division, and Storage System. I was responsible for designing a strategy for Microsoft’s .NET initiative and helped to build Microsoft’s Business Division (acquired Great Plains and Navision). A core task was to devise a company-wide schema system. An internal project around meta-data was created (Digital Memory Project) that evolved into WinFS. The primary role and responsibility was to meet with individual teams and executives and build product strategy and a plan to deliver on that strategy.
    01/1998 - 01/2000
    MSN.com was a series of servers that was constructed during the height of the Internet competition. There was no architecture or thinking around how the server farm should be created. John Ludwig, VP of MSN asked me to come and help increase the efficiency of the publishing platform and of the servers. At the time, the servers would be able to generate between 4 and 12 pages per second. I needed to rebuild a team and to build a system that was optimized for high page efficiency.
    01/1994 - 01/1998
    The Win+ team broke away from the Java VM team to build a new Windows user experience based on a new object-oriented API and based on managed code. This project was shutdown and moved to become what is known today as AvalonMicrosoft’s Java VM lacked COM integration. My job was to build COM integration into the core of the Windows JVM implementation. The job also was to build a new UI layer to compete with AWT. Internet Explorer 1 & 2 was a code purchase acquisition of SpyGlass. Ben Slivka (General Manager) asked me to come to the Internet Explorer team and help build a vision around componentization. My job was to componentized the core rendering engine into a series of objects. The objects were the rendering engine, ActiveScripting, and ActiveX component objects. Program Manager & SDE Visual Basic - New IDE, integration into Office, new language features.
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  • Educational Background
    1986 - 1990
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