• General Summary
    Dean Spitzer, Ph.D.
    Dean Spitzer, Ph.D.
    Performance measurement innovator; author of "Transforming Performance Measurement"
    Melbourne, Floride, États-Unis
    LocationMelbourne, Floride, États-Unis
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  • Professional Experience
    06/2009 - Present
    A consulting firm dedicated to improving organizational performance measurement and management.
    11/1996 - 01/2009
    Served as a senior research and innovator for the world's foremost Information Technology company. Accomplishments included:- Performance measurement thought leader- Author of "Transforming Performance Measurement"- Expert on performance management, human behavor, learning, knowledge management, organizational change, and employee motivation- Developed extensive intellectual capital, inluding Learning Effectiveness Measurement (LEM) methodology and various service quality improvement methodologies- Founded the Research Roundtable on Service Performance Measurement
    09/1992 - 10/1996
    Founded and led a consulting firm that provided performance improvement and management development services to public and private sector organizations, including: U.S. Postal Service, Caltex Petroleum Corporation, Growmark, Inc., Saudi Aramco, Strong Capital Management, Hewlett-Packard Corporation, City of Lakeland, Banco Galicia (Argentina), and Polk Community College
    08/1990 - 08/1992
    Developed and managed a training function for a large paper company. Was responsible for coordinating technical, safety, and leadership training; facilitated a behavior-based safety program, which reduced lost-time accidents by 50%.
    08/1987 - 08/1990
    Founded and directed an on-campus and distance education Masters Degree program in Instructional & Performance Technology; established the first graduate program to offer a degree entirely through distance learning; built a highly successful program that is still thriving today.
    08/1983 - 08/1987
    Founded and directed a management and leadership development center serving business, non-profit, and government organizations in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin; clients included Miller Electric Mfg. Company, J.J. Keller & Associates, Institute for Paper Chemistry, American Institute of Banking, and the Fox Valley Chamber of Commerce.
    08/1983 - 08/1984
    Served as the advisor on all aspects of human resource development and peformance improvement to the largest scientific research center in the Arabian Gulf region; provided HRD expertise to other Kuwaiti government agencies and worked on several workforce development projects sponsored by Kuwait government and other Arabian Gulf nations.
    09/1982 - 08/1983
    Was responsible for both technical/management training and performance improvement projects at the corporate headquarters of a major paper company.
    09/1980 - 08/1982
    Served as a faculty member in a program that developed training leaders for industry and government organizations in Western Australia; was an internal and external consultant on many distance learning projects; helped develop the Carnarvon School of the Air;served as a consultant to many major organizations throughout Australia, including Mount Newman Mining Company, BHP, National Mutual Assurance, Alfred Hospital, the Government of Western Australia, the City of Gosnells, the Australian Department of Social Security, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, etc.
    08/1979 - 08/1980
    Was responsible for developing and implementing an evaluation process for all medical center learning programs in the Veterans Administration's South Central Region; contributed expertise to a number of national education initiatives.
    08/1978 - 08/1979
    Provided human resource and training consulting to the Field Service Division within a major computer manufacturing company.
    08/1976 - 08/1978
    Developed and led a major academic program within the College of Education; served as instructional improvement consultant within the university and as Associate Director of the Center for Economic Education.
    08/1974 - 08/1976
    Served as a core faculty member in an established Educational Communications program and as an educational improvement consultant to local community colleges and school districts.
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  • Educational Background
    1965 - 1970

    Studied at the London School of Economics for Junior year

    1961 - 1965

    Extra-activity: Very active in extra-curricular activities and sports; member of the varsity tennis team

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