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    Demos (Dimos) Sakellaridis
    Demos (Dimos) Sakellaridis
    Export and New Business Development Director at FREZYDERM S.A
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    PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: A self-starting, goal-oriented strategist whose confidence, perseverance and vision promote success. Professional integrity and a history of stimulating revenues and expanding business activities into global markets through...
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    01/2005 - Present
    Transformed the business from a local company into a small international company with presence in over 15 countries. Established business partnerships with national distribution-importer companies with a view to distribute and promote the Frezyderm products in pharmacies and clinics. Established organized training programs abroad and enhanced selling skills of Medical Representatives. Standardized company image in order to create optimal brand awareness and instrumental in creating medical marketing and advertising materials.On the New Business Development segment, through my initiative and negotiations the infant nutrition division was created and developed with the first introduction of organic infant formulae and cereals in Greece. The distinct competitive advantage of being organic-bio placed the company onto another level. The entrance into the Medical Devices and the Food Supplements categories has widen the product range of the company covering now completely new market segments, with expanding potential for further development. Contributions & Results: Opened new international markets through the negotiation of long-term contracts with Distributors in Europe and the Far East. Export countries were increased to 15, with another 8 countries under negotiations.Forwarded the company into the new market of infant nutrition with a huge competitive advantage (organic-bio). Besides the additional turnover brought to the company (5million- within the second year with profits of 1million), the benefits of transforming the company into a more healthy conscious and environmentally oriented, has given a better long term consumer perspective. On the Medical Devices and Food Supplements, the introductions through my initiative, negotiations and product development, of the Sea Water Nasal Sprays, the Intra-vaginal Probiotics, and the Probiotics (oral) are some that have been completed and successfully launched.
    07/2002 - 12/2003
    Sales & Marketing DirectorDirected sales and marketing activities, conceptualized ‘value for money’ promotions, formulated short-term and long term strategies, ensured execution of plans, and oversaw 90 subordinates in Traditional Trade segment, 17 subordinates in the Modern Trade (Key Accounts) and 10 subordinates in the Marketing Team, including the Category Managers and Brand Managers. Negotiated contract renewals and maintained company profits in a diminishing market. Achieved sales objectives and margins through effective forecasting & budgeting. Contributions & Results: Successfully distributed to over 6,000 local and multinational retail stores Opened new markets after establishing 2 new product lines (over 20 products) Re-engineered distribution processes decreasing time from 96hrs to 24hrs
    11/2001 - 06/2002
    Field Sales DirectorFormulated field sales strategies, calculated budgets, established sales objectives and reported directly to Managing Director. Ensured sales objectives and margins were achieved. Recruited, motivated and empowered effective sales forces. Oversaw work tasks of 150 subordinates and ensured optimal distribution of FMCG products to over 12,500 retail selling points.
    06/2000 - 10/2001
    Country Manager; General Manager Turned loss making unit into a profitable organization. Trained and empowered effective sales teams, spearhead marketing and sales plans for existing and 4 new product lines, established new pricing policies, administered to legal and financial business aspects, negotiated new import contracts and expanded importers from 2 to 7. Contributions & Results: Expanded retail base by 100% and reversed $1,5 m losses into $1,5 m profits Captured a 15% market share for selected brands which surpassed major competitorsIncreased sales value and volume by 85%, significantly expanded regional distribution of brands
    06/1998 - 05/2000
    General Manager - Sales & Marketing Managed $200m of annual sales. Formulated sales and marketing strategies and oversaw Sales team consisting of Regional Sales Managers and Area Managers, as well as the Marketing team consisting of Category Marketing Managers, General Product Managers and Brand Managers. Expedited communication between departments by establishing cross-training programs. Conducted extensive market research, monitored competitor moves, and implemented strategic growth strategies. Contributions & Results: Expanded product into new markets, captured a 50% market share for selected brands, surpassing major multinational FMCG companies, and ranked as one of the top 3 FMCG companies in the country
    06/1989 - 05/1998
    Various Management & Supervising Positions (06/1989 – 05/1998): Area & Regional Manager, Commercial Controller, Group Product Manger, Marketing Manager, Head of RMSD
    Transformed the business from a local pharmaceutical company into a proven performer capturing prominent international corporate accounts in record time. With full profit and loss accountability, steered business development into global market expansions, implemented strategic growth strategies and strategic planning initiatives. Established organized training programs abroad and enhanced selling skills of Medical Representatives. Standardized company image in order to create optimal brand awareness and instrumental in creating advertising material for 10 product lines.
    Contributions & Results:
    Revenues from exports are expected to capture over 80% (currently at 3%)
    Opened new international markets through the negotiation of long-term contracts in Europe, the Balkans, and the Far East. Export countries were increased to 15, with another 8 countries under negotiations.
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