• General Summary
    Dody Iswanto
    Dody Iswanto
    Procurement at PT. Union Sampoerna Triputra Persada
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  • Professional Experience
    06/2008 - Present
    •Purchase and control heavy equipments consumable items (fuels, spare parts, fabrications machines). •Maintain, control and responsible for all PO in Kalimantan (5 sites).•Handle, control and making of Procurement budget report to BOD •Making, control and responsible of monthly reports for all purchases and payment including inventory and safe delivery to BOD. •Dealing and prepare with Pertamina regarding fuels agreement (project)• Making and control of payment for all PO to ensure on time payment from FinanceReport to : Procurement Manager and BODAchievement : set up payment process in Procurement through Finance (AR & AP)
    01/2006 - 06/2008
    •Ensure and maintain availability and reliable sources of quality materials and services from suppliers.•Ensure all material and services procurement for right quality, right quantity, right price, right time, right sources and right price of delivery.•Ensure maximum realization of value out of sales/bidding or disposal of surplus, non moving materials.•Making purchasing monthly report to management and give update feedbacks for outstanding orders to end-users in prompt action.•Process PR (Purchase requisition) become PO in SAP system.•Handle export for finish good and import for raw & packaging material to ensure safely arrival (merchandises in good condition).•Familiar with KITE facility (Kemudahan Import Tujuan Export)•Making export and import documentations for finish good and material packaging •Prepare export and import monthly report.•Monitor & control all disposal material•Prepare and submitted payment request to supplier to Finance Dept.•Purchase promotion material for marketing and sales dept.•Active dealing with suppliers for Purchase order purposes.•Handle and prepare Inventory control Report for Raw Material and Spare Part material.Report to : Logistics Manager and BODAchievement : set up export import (KITE) project
    09/2004 - 01/2006
    Controlling and calculating all shipment costs' at sea and air. Stock control and stock taking for all materials in monthly basis. Preparing monthly report (returned and rejected goods) from Sub-Con into Sumitronics. Prepare and check all import document for customs clearance.Making monthly report for import material.
    08/2002 - 08/2003
    Warehousing and Trading Company for electronic component) Responsibilities: Control stock and request shipment to company's supplier at KoreaIssuing Purchase Order (PO) and keep contact with user for user monthly necessities.Prepare and making monthly general report for material quantity (majority for outgoing material). Update and maintain users request about new and urgent items and also reject materials for price quotation. Maintain and follow up all information to suppliers at Korea by email or direct call.
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  • Educational Background
    1995 - 1998

    Extra-activity: Student Union

    1992 - 1995
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