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    Donika Kirk
    Donika Kirk
    Director - Lean Six Sigma, Shared Services at ADT Security Services
    United States
    LocationUnited States
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    02/2010 - Present
    Co-ordinates actions and deliverables at the overall integration / cross-functional level (the program consists of 100 + individual medium/large projects)Creates and manages high-level work plan and integration master plan for the integration across all functional & overlay teams and phasesTracks and reports integration progress against financial, KPI and milestone targetsIdentifies internal and external risks to the integration, and develop mitigation approachManage resources required for implementing the integration and monitor overall resource levelsOrganizes and structures the analyses conducted by the integration teamsIdentifies key relations and ensures coordination with other projects and programsIncorporates changes in the work and master plans as requiredOrganizes regular stakeholders meetings to present results and progressEvaluates the results of the integration and develops recommendations to improve functioning of the integration managementControls and ensures consistency in quality of the end products from integration teamsIncorporates new knowledge and skills into the integration plans
    08/2008 - 07/2010
    Program Manager responsible for delivering Siebel CRM and reporting solutions to the sales force. Managing client relationships and building strong partnerships accross the organization to achieve common goals. Drive results in a high demand business organization via an agile technology methodolgy and environment. Solve for complex problems and build long term CRM roadmap.
    03/2002 - 03/2008
    Lead and define the strategic direction and migration of the Siebel CRM application to multiple lines of business, including the entire life cycle of gathering business requirements and prioritizing enhacements across the enterprise while ensuring that the appropriate technical solutions meet the specific business needs. Oversee quality verifications of the final product, and coordinate training and business process durability to secure a successful migration of the sales force in using a comprehensive sales tool. Manage the KNB data office and develop strategies to increase data integrity across the enterprise. Create and lead the data stewardship program in which each steward is accountable for business processes being followed, and ensuring that every data extract sent to customer and account authoratative systems are correct and complete.
    09/2001 - 09/2002
    Responsible for managing and delivering, on schedule, full life cycle software development projects for an electronic medical records commercial software package. Accountable for development and management of project plans and task assignments. Responsible for management of requirements, issues, defects, change management and risk mitigation. Coordinated software development vendor selection process for off-shore development projects. Simultaneously managed multiple projects with cross-departmental project teams consisting of 6 to 15 resources. Directly managed both in-house and consultant software development and quality assurance resources. Responsible for coordinating with other project managers, product marketing, engineering services and release coordination in product development release cycle. Participated in the development and maintenance of the in-house Software Development Project Management Methodology
    06/1996 - 08/2001
    Member of a six person technical support team responsible for providing and maintaining a productive computing environment for over 4,000 healthcare workers and hospital support personnel. Responsible for follow up integration, follow up testing, ongoing troubleshooting, and documentation of client/server applications and 750 + on campus and off site vendor software packages. Participated in multiple team projects with cross team support for implementation and integration of Network and PC operating systems
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  • Educational Background
    1991 - 1995

    Extra-activity: BSKSH member

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