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    Douglas L Love
    Douglas L Love
    Science support database and graphics consultant
    Washington D.C. Metro
    LocationWashington D.C. Metro
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    06/2007 - Present
    Developed Perl Scripts to display art collection and genealogy on the internet
    01/2011 - 05/2011
    I teach a class MWF, encouraging field trips so the class can do their essays.
    09/2000 - 04/2010
    I solved the complex problem of developing a complete Faculty Recruiting department in a month. I designed security protocols for a WAN linking several departments in different buildings. I analyzed throughput problems and suggested a LAN for several departments in the building I was in. I was able to obtain surplus filing cabinets to hold a rapidly expanding file system for 3 years. I was able to automate most hiring process procedures by intensive internet use. I was able to coordinate the new Icims recruitment system with the existing recruitment systems. I was able to take over the responsibilities of the Peoplesoft database team when they left. I learned to use PeopleSoft Query Manager, Application Designer, and Sharepoint. I became Skilsoft account manager for the entire University in 2009.
    05/2000 - 06/2000
    $20/hour Ric Mayer (301) 428 4108 Advantage Temps of Bethesda I took over all tasks for the Marketing Department Graphics Coordinator while she took maternity leave. I learned Visio, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Photo Editor, and many related graphics procedures. I was able to produce several checklists to improve document production. I built an Access Database to keep track of the giveaway items.
    11/1999 - 12/1999
    I assisted in proposal and database development by Finding and correcting errors in the SYBASE database Developing MS Access databases to aid in reporting Editing a Power Point presentation for an executive I participated in Office support, including faxing, answering the telephone, etc.
    06/1999 - 10/1999
    I built a resume-tracking database for the recruiter in MS Access, including Resume scanning and keyword finding Requirements matching between Requisitions and Candidates Candidate tracking before and after hire My efforts helped to merge 3 companies together.
    02/1999 - 05/1999
    I taught a basic Astronomy class and lab on Monday and Tuesday evenings I incorporated innovative multimedia presentations and computer-assisted laboratory assignments.
    01/1998 - 03/1999
    I analyzed, developed and documented a complex set of MS ACCESS databases for the Availability Management Department, fix reported problems, and suggest methods to speed up throughput. In 1997 I produced a secure set of databases for which I was commended by the project manager. I further developed a MetaDatabase to document and analyze the databases. I was called back on a special assignment to convert the databases to MS Access 97, and later to solve system problems.
    03/1996 - 04/1996
    Rating: equivalent to GS 4. Starting Salary: $8/hour Final salary: $8/hour 40 hours/week
    03/1996 - 04/1996
    I did mass mailings, upgraded legal references, and ran the office.
    04/1992 - 02/1996
    I analyzed and document a complex set of MS ACCESS databases for two HR departments, fix reported problems, suggest methods to speed up throughput, and configure PCS. I developed a MetaDatabase to document and analyze the databases. I developed and implemented a Y2K plan to keep the databases usable throughout the next millennium.
    05/1992 - 09/1995
    09/1993 - 12/1993
    I taught an upper-level class in Computer Graphics using Object Oriented Programming methods on IBM PCs with Turbo C and Pascal developing and coordinating class projects in animation and interactive development.
    10/1988 - 03/1991
    Rating: equivalent to GS 11. Starting Salary: $35 K/year Final salary: $37.5 K/year I developed and maintained ISPF Screen-driven technical reporting and Batch submit DISSPLA-based graphics systems on IBM MVS mainframes with FLECS structured FORTRAN, FORTRAN77 and PL/1, supporting the management of fourteen communications satellites and thousands of Ground Stations in 170 countries. I participated in Quality Assurance procedures, produced mockups and prototype test programs I developed an automated documentation system in Frames. I interfaced the IBM mainframe and an IBM PS-2 microcomputer connected to a Local Area Network with Lotus 123, Allways, Freelance Plus, WordPerfect, and SPF/PC, with 3 Laser printers. I managed 3 BRC contracts at INTELSAT, reporting to the CEO, and handling personnel and payroll details. I took a class in C at NIH to aid in planned program conversion.
    04/1988 - 09/1988
    I was trained as the Mission Scheduler analyst on the Space Telescope. I produced several utility programs on VAX 11/87 VMS systems I participated in operations verification and validation tests I ran a Formal Review I was trained in the use of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites I helped configure Release 12 of the Mission Scheduler.
    05/1987 - 04/1988
    I worked on the Nimbus Processing contract, where I used the NSESCC IBM 3081 computer at Goddard Space Flight Center from an off-site location. developed, improved and maintained CLISTS and structured code did preliminary design reviews of pseudo-code made ergonomics suggestions directed the efforts of 2 junior programmers Taught myself C I also helped to develop a Novell Local Area Network.
    12/1982 - 05/1987
    I performed applications software maintenance and development of software, supporting the Dynamic Explorer project project tracking documentation maintenance of requirements specifications Mission Analysis Functions the Orbit and Attitude data base utilities To accomplish these tasks, I used an IBM 4341 with RAMIS II database a Sigma 9 computer with a Honeywell operating system an early IBM PC I also located and corrected database and software problems gave technical advice on I/O device acquisition trained new users documented new software. I succeeded in restoring and archiving the entire output of the Atmosphere Explorer program for the NSSDC. In 1986 I was promoted to Sigma 9 Configuration Manager and Discrepancy Report Monitor I was trained to use a Univac 1100.
    01/1984 - 05/1984
    I taught Introduction to Computing and History of computing using Commodore 64 Basic FORTRAN and COBOL on an IBM 4341.
    12/1981 - 12/1982
    I performed program and data conversion and testing for companies in Maryland and New Jersey, using TSO, SPF and FORTRAN 77 on IBM 3031s FORTRAN5 on a Univac 1100 Pascal on Apple and Altos computers.
    01/1982 - 04/1982
    I developed several image-processing programs for the Venera project as a volunteer investigator. I used WYLBUR and FORTRAN on Amdahl and IBM mainframes.
    08/1978 - 12/1981
    I led a team in scientific applications and graphics programming on IBM mainframes and Datapoint micro-computers at the Earth Resource Applications branch of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, using data from Landsat, Magsat, and Nimbus satellites. I documented the COMTECH structured program library, making it usable with ordinary programming techniques. I was responsible for Magsat data applications I managed two junior programmers I produced graphic displays of geophysical models and data. My suggested modifications to the Goddard Whole Earth Model proposal aided in getting it funded. I obtained the support contract for CSC I developed multi-body gravity simulation programs on an IBM 360/95. I also supported satellite and ground-based geological studies, transferring data to a microcomputer with RJE, continuing work while the mainframe was down. I developed an early color graphics HP 9200 Geographic Information System for the Oceans and Ice Branch in 1981, published in NASA SP "Antarctic Sea Ice
    02/1978 - 08/1978
    I designed a 1200 baud WAN linking 12 factories in US and Mexico Tested and selected printers for use at data stations Learned limits of Honeywell Basic
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