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    Dr. Awadh Al-Oadah
    Dr. Awadh Al-Oadah
    Division Head at Saudi Aramco
    Saudi Arabia
    LocationSaudi Arabia
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    11/2012 - Present
    Saudi Aramco's University Relations Division is entrusted to develop, maintain and promote strategic partnerships between Saudi Aramco and instituations of higher education. Our strategic collaboration model with universities relies on the following pillars for win-win partnerships: 1) Education & Human Capacity Building; 2) Research & Development; 3) Entrepreneurship & Innovation; 4) Community Engagement. Managing the collaboration at a strategic level is our objective to maximize the ROI of partnerships.
    09/2011 - Present
    Professional Engineering Development Division of Saudi Aramco
    07/2011 - 09/2011
    Heading Safaniyah Technical Support Division that provides high level of technical consultation and engineering services to Safaniyah Onshore and Offshore organizations in a timely and highly professional manner for safe and cost effective facilities operation.
    03/2009 - 07/2011
    I am currently heading the Professional Engineering Development Division (PEDD) of Saudi Aramco. A division that provides a comprehensive professional learning and development opportunities for all Company’s engineers, scientists and inspectors in surface facilities such as short technical courses, e-Learning, specialized development programs, professional certifications and competency maps. My colleagues and I work hard to drive Saudi Aramco’s professional engineering development strategically for continuous learning and improvement, alignment with asset/process and organizational performance, systemic, proactive and multidisciplinary problem solving and education, and knowledge creation & transfer, to fulfill the business needs and priorities. Also, we partner with local & international academia and professional societies in talent development area that help bridge the gaps between academia and industry. This includes suggested industry-oriented research topics to be studied by BS, MSc and PhD students. Also, we coordinate with our SMEs to deliver lectures at universities and review the academic curricula. The faculty members of universities also conduct short courses for the Company to be delivered to our professionals based on their available expertise. These only examples of many efforts we are partnering with academia.
    02/2007 - 02/2009
    Assigned for one year as an acting Supervisor of Engineering Development & Certification Programs Unit of Professional Engineering Development Division (PEDD). Also acted several times as a Division Head (PEDD Coordinator).
    12/2006 - 02/2007
    Assigned as an Assistant Superintendent at East-West Pipelines Department/ Area-I Division, Pump Station-3 (Al-Waseea’). Was responsible for 80 employees and area that covers from Shedgum/Abqaiq to Far Riyadh. I was able to manage the activities of this important section and streamlined its processes.
    12/2006 - 02/2007
    Assigned as an Assistant Superintendent at East-West Pipelines Department/ Area-I Division, Pump Station-3 (Al-Waseea’). Was responsible for 80 employees and area that covers from Shedgum/Abqaiq to Far Riyadh. I was able to manage the activities of this important section and streamlined its processes.
    03/2006 - 06/2006
    Acted as an Operations Engineering Supervisor of Pipelines Specialist Unit of Saudi Aramco that is responsible for of providing engineering expertise in various Pipelines engineering disciplines (piping, valves, instrumentation and control, simulation, corrosion and coating, rotating equipment, electrical and CP) to ensure that the pipelines network guarantees transfer of hydrocarbons in the most safe, reliable and cost-effective manner. This central specialized Unit provides continuous technical support to Area Pipelines Departments while providing technical review of capital projects and initiating related technologies.
    01/2006 - 02/2006
    Acted as an Operations Engineering Supervisor of Pipelines Project Coordination Unit of Saudi Aramco at the beginning of the year. This Unit provides an overall coordination of the capital projects and BI-19 related activities from inception to completion for any given project for the Pipelines Admin Area.
    01/2002 - 12/2005
    Worked with Pipelines Technical Support organization of Saudi Aramco as a Lead Project Coordinator and Lead Engineer for various pipelines related projects and programs. Handled the Pipelines Master Plan studies and successfully completed with Saudi Aramco Facilities Planning Department (FPD) the Arabian Light Crude Oil Pipeline Network Evaluation Study. During this assignment, various knowledge and experience have been gained through different interfaces with FPD, Finance, Corporate Planning, Project Management, OSPAS, GNP&DMD, Government Affairs, etc. Business Planning, Capital Budgeting, Expenditure Request (ER's) development, Design Basis Scoping Papers (DBSPs), Project Proposals and others were the main role to ensure proper guardianship of related capital projects in Pipelines Department.
    06/2005 - 08/2005
    Acted as an Operations Engineering Supervisor of the Pipelines Instrument Scraping Unit at Saudi Aramco during the summer. This Unit provides an overall planning, coordination and assessment of the pipelines network utilizing the latest intelligent pigging tools. The results of instrument scraping runs will then be analyzed and assessed to ensure that the integrity of the pipelines network is well maintained.
    01/2001 - 12/2001
    Worked with Pipelines Department as a lead operations engineer and handled different projects, assessment studies, engineering packages, operations related committees, contingency plans and emergencies.
    11/1999 - 12/2000
    Worked with Oil Supply Planning & Scheduling (OSPAS)Department of Saudi Aramco and got acquainted with the planning, scheduling, operations and shutdown activities within the Oil, GAS & NGL, Refined Products & Terminal operations. I was responsible for different oil and gas operations planning systems and networks {Arab Super Light (ASL), Arab Medium (AM), Abu-Safah Field, Arab Heavy (AH), Gas& NGL, etc.}, in addition to handling the Company monthly crude oil estimate documents. I handled and got acquainted with the operations and activities of Gas Oil Separation Plants (GOSP's), Abqaiq Plants, Gas Plants, NGL Fractionation Centers, Terminals, Pipelines, Tapline, Refineries and Bulk Plants. Coordinated activities and interfaced with different customers such as BAPCO, SASREF, SAMREF, SEC, SWCC, Utilities, etc. Was able to manage different field problems and handled the alarms of various operations upsets through the main OSPAS operations coordination center.
    01/1998 - 10/1999
    Worked with Pipelines Operations Department of Saudi Aramco and held successfully various supervisory levels (Foreman, Field Supervisor and Superintendent) within Cathodic Protection Operations Division during the summer of 1999. Specifically, acted as a Superintendent of the Cathodic Protection Division during the transition period of transferring the related CP Producing related facilities, personnel, materials and vehicles from Pipelines to SA Producing.
    10/1996 - 12/1997
    Worked actively as a Lead Project Engineer at Project Management with Pipelines Projects Department of Saudi Aramco in various process locations including Safaniyah, Ras Tanura, Juaymah, Uthmaniyah and Abqaiq. Lead successfully the first Pipelines Rehabilitation Project (BI-3733/34) for Arab Medium and Heavy crude oil pipelines. During my tenure in this project; the schedule of the project was significantly improved and overall cost was maintained within the approved budget. Also, lead as a relief assignment the new UBTG-2 Pipeline project (BI-3139) and Pipelines Cleaning Facilities project (BI-3726) related activities in respective local design and construction offices.
    08/1996 - 09/1996
    Acted as a Foreman of Northern Area Cathodic Protection Unit of Pipelines Operations Department at Saudi Aramco.
    01/1996 - 07/1996
    Worked as a cathodic protection engineer with Pipelines Operations Department of Saudi Aramco and contributed to the design, inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting, operations of various cathodic protection proplems, projects and areas.
    06/1995 - 12/1995
    Worked with Saudi Aramco's Power Distribution Department and got familiarized with their activities at different areas such as Safaniyah, RT, JUY, Dha, Abqaiq & Udhailiyah. Involved specifically in the upgrade of SCADA system upgrade project at Juaymah Gas Plant of Saudi Aramco.
    12/1994 - 05/1995
    Worked as a cathodic protection engineer with Pipelines Operations Department and got familiar with various pipelines operations and corrosion mitigation and control activities, specifically the design, inspection, operations and maintenance of cathodic protection.
    10/1993 - 11/1994
    Worked with Pipelines Operations Engineering at Saudi Aramco as an electrical engineer in the Pipelines Specialist Unit, serving various Pipelines areas, i.e. North, South and East-West. Got acquainted with various Pipelines equipment and facilities, overall network and related activities, i.e. operations, engineering, maintenance, reconditioning program, inspection, corrosion, cathodic protection, instrument scraping, valves, simulations, instrumentation and control, hot tap and stoppling, Remote Terminal Units (RTU's), etc.
    07/1992 - 09/1992
    Worked with Saudi Aramco's Terminal Operations Department at Ras Tanura (3-month assignment). I got exposed and acquainted with Terminal Department facilities and operations.
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