• General Summary
    Dr. Dionisios Panagiotaras
    Dr. Dionisios Panagiotaras
    Chemicals Professional
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  • Professional Experience
    02/2000 - Present
    My interest has focused via the field of Environmental Science and Technology, on the study of the development, design, implementation of technologies and management of environmental systems in order to prevent, treat pollution and minimise the impact of human activity on the environment.In particular, I am focusing on the physical, chemical and biological processes that govern interactions in environmental systems.
    02/1996 - 03/2003
    As a research fellow at the Department of Geology, University of Patras, Greece, I was involved in teaching as a teaching assistant, seminar courses in Geochemistry and Applied Geochemistry.Additionally I have been working at research projects financed by the European Union, as a researcher participant of the Department of Geology, University of Patras, Greece, such as: •High resolution temporal and spatial study of the Benthic biology and geochemistry of a north-eastern Atlantic Abyssal Locality. European Union- MAS3-CT95-0018. •Geochemical investigations of hydrothermal processes in the Hellenic volcanic island arc. European Union-MAS2-CT94-0101. •Hydrothermal fluxes and biological production in the Aegean. European Union- MAS3-CT95-0021. •Hydrodynamics and biogeochemical fluxes in the straits of the Cretan Arc. European Union- MAS2-CT93-0059. •Biotechnologies for the Deep. European Union- EVK3-CT2000-00042-BIODEEP.
  • Educational Background
    2004 - 2008

    Extra-activity: During my job in EU funding projects, I have been working as a team member with research groups from academic institutes all over Europe.

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