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    Edward Mirza
    Edward Mirza
    Senior Vice President of Franchise Operations at Red Roof Inns
    Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
    LocationRaleigh-Durham, North Carolina
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    01/2008 - Present
    151 properties in 50 States - Quality Compliance and Consistency, Brand Standards, Contract Negotiations with owners and Potential Owners, Compliance with Property Improvement Plans and Renovation. Work with area directors and assist owners in devising Strategic Plans for each property for sustainable organic growth. Serve on RED ROOF Inn’s Operational Executive Committee
    01/2004 - 12/2007
    Core responsibilities include Brand Positioning and Standard, Budgeting, Forecasting, Strategic Growth, Regional Pricing Strategy, Operations, Recruitment of Senior Positions, New Project Roll-Outs, Supervised and Coached Management Teams for 18 Flagship Hotels. At the onset of my tenure I created the Revenue Management Foundation and launched it throughout the company successfully.
    01/2004 - 12/2007
    2004 to 2007. Oversaw brand standard, budgeting, forecasting, Directed regional pricing strategy, operations, recruiting, new project roll-outs, hiring, training and coaching management team for 13-15 flagship properties. Supervised a team of 30 via 15 direct reports. Also managed the Sales Division while under restructuring until a new VP could be hired. Increasing revenues of under-performing hotels. Promoted to lead flagship inns with 200+ rooms, located in metro areas. Selected highly qualified GMs, completed renovations, conducted trainings and set expectations. Revenues rose from $45M in one year to $96M with ADR double or triple ADR of any RRI, continuing for four years. Building revenue management department. RRI properties did not have sales divisions. Introduced idea to build a revenue management department sharing the responsibility of looking after revenue and optimizing rates. Focused on flagship inns, while General Managers focuses on public relation and marketing strategy. Expanded program to VP of Revenue Management with eight Revenue Managers. All flagship properties have a GM, AGM and a Sales Manager.
    01/2001 - 01/2004
    18 Hotels – Responsibilities include Budgeting, Forecasting, P&L, Quality, Customer Service, Branding, Recruiting and Operations. Aggressive Sales and Marketing Initiatives and Activities were implemented. Improved Staff Morale through Training, Worshops, and Scenario Planning. As a result Guest Relations and Satisfaction increased. Under my leadership, Red Roof Inn achieved top spot accolade for Operational Efficiency and Profitability. I was voted VPO of the year in 2003.
    01/2001 - 01/2004
    Led 18 corporate owned properties. Responsible for budgeting, forecasting, P&L, quality, customer service, branding, recruiting and operations as well as sales and marketing activities. Brought in to turn around a district of 22 Red Roof properties. Drove improvements in personnel, training, property condition, sales, and guest relations. Earned promotion to Regional VPO. Led 18 employees and $60M budget.Gaining #1 ranking by revamping properties and operations. Selected to lead district of 22 Red Roof Inn properties ranked 18th out of 18 districts. Evaluated skills of GMs and condition of properties. Conducted training, set goals and performed upgrades at properties. Brought district to number one in the company based on financial and quality performance and customer satisfaction. Voted VPO of the year as a result of these efforts.
    04/1997 - 04/2001
    Managed the day-to-day operation including; Owner Relations, Budgeting, Forecasting and P&L Assessment, Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Novotel Siam Square was the first to be involved in Community Services, Environmental Awareness and Corporate Responsibility. I spearheaded a hotel-wide renovation followed by reorganizing and restructuring the management team for optimum efficiency and output that resulted in the best financial performance in the hotel’s ten-year history during tough economic conditions.
    01/1997 - 01/2001
    Oversaw owner relationships, budgeting, and forecasting and P&L performance. Led brand, quality and customer service. Recruited and trained Directors, Department Heads, PR, community engagements, food & beverage, catering and meetings. Led massive hotel renovations and total operations restructuring, delivering the best financial results in Hotel's 10-year history in the face of dire economic conditions. Improving staff development and loyalty. Novotel, global Accor property, needed staff training. Held classes for department heads and directors. Taught P&L, budgeting, customer service, time management, and leadership. Directors/department heads took information to teams and conducted classes, gaining staff loyalty and respect. Building image and market share. Novotel held community events, improving local and government relationships. Set up feed-the-hungry, giving school supplies to the children. Held food event to cater to the monks of the city, a gesture of respect and compliance with the local tradition. Gained support from the locals and government officials. Ceasing business with previous client. Novotel had an open contract with Quantas airline for 25% of rooms' inventory at very low rates. Renovated rooms and then offered Quantas opportunity to renegotiate the rates with slight increases over three years. Offer was refused and contract was ended. Increased sales force to target corporate accounts. Regained occupancy position, averaging 84% with a 50% increase in average rate. Succeeded based on calculated risk and a bold move.
    05/1992 - 12/1996
    Area Manager for Motel 6 properties in Northern and Central California and Nevada in charge of operations and all related matters
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  • Educational Background

    Conducted seminars in :Foundations for Success, High Velocity of Culture Change, Leadership in Times of Change, Management by Objectives, Motivational techniques, Team Building, Lifting Organization Through Leadership, Team work and how Synergy Succeeds and other courses

    Extra-activity: Business Administration (4) years program @ London International School

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