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    Edwin Lammers
    Edwin Lammers
    Executive Commercial Manager at Sohar Industrial Port Company
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    01/2009 - Present
    Reporting directly to the group CEO, I am responsible for the commercial development of a port (both on the land as on the marine side) and free zone in Sohar, Oman. This successful greenfield development in the middle-east is a, since 2002, joint venture between Port of Rotterdam and the Government of Oman. During my assignment the land in the port is almost fully leased out. To embark on further opportunities a new challenge is taken up by starting a free zone, adjacent to the land of the port. Due to the constellation of the port, the development strategy focusses on attracting up- and downstream chemical and steel industries and logistics. To attract global players into our industrial area, I am heading a commercial team with representation in various countries; UAE, India, Brazil and China. Due to the evident link to marketing, the marketing communication team forms an integral part of the commercial team.
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