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    Elaine Ruas Salman
    Elaine Ruas Salman
    Elaine Ruas
    Brasília, Brazil
    LocationBrasília, Brazil
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    01/2013 - Present
    2012 - V Ministerial Meeting of the Program Art/Education, Culture and Citizenship- Ibero-American States - Rio de Janeiro - RJ- (Organization)2011 - II International Seminar on Business Opportunities in 2014: The Cup (Soccer World Cup) Starts Here - Entrepreneur Fair - Sebrae - Brasília-DF (Participation)2011 - Human and Organizational Development in Creative-Tourism MeetingReceptive and guides Coordination Brasília - DF (SEBRAE) 2009 - Exhibition "Di Cavalcanti Works of Art "Coordination - Central Bank of Brazil, Brasília, DF 2009 - Exhibition "Candido Portinari Works of Art "Coordination - Central Bank of Brazil, Brasília, DF 2009 - “Pontão da Cultura” - in agreement with the Ministry of Culture508 South, State Secretary of Culture-GDF (Coordination)2009 - Exhibition "Di Cavalcanti Works of Art "Coordination - Central Bank of Brazil, Brasília, DF 2006 - International Seminar on Education, Poverty and Development (Participation)2006 - Program Education For Life - Bethel LifeBrazil Network for Charity Bethel International (Coordinator)2005 - Andrew Kolb & Son-The House of Paints - AK & SON (Organization)2001 - Production in Art and Culture Course (Idealization)2001 - Brazil Expo - Festival of the Brazilian States (Organization)2000 - Art for Everywhere - Cultural Programming (Organization)2000 - 8th SBPC YOUNG and 52th Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science Meeting (Organization)1995 -1998 - I , II, III and IV Educational Science, Technology and Culture Fair (Idealization)1995 - "VIA SACRA" – exibition by artist “ Siron Franco Works of Art “(Organization)1992 – The Pump Eco-Green - Rio 92, Global Forum - Movement Artists For Nature-Ecological Theatre (Organization)1991 - Our Children Program (Organization)1990 - Circulating in Brasília (Idealization)1989 Houses of Culture - Art and Popular Culture (Organization)1985 - Gran’ Circo Lar – Popular Art Center. Brasília, DF (Idealization)
    01/2001 - Present
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