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    Emiliano Suarez
    Emiliano Suarez
    Team Leader - Gerente Nacional de Ventas at Colgate Palmolive
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    Wide experience in the commercial area of a Consumer Goods Company with management positions in the Trade Marketing and Sales areas.
    Broad knowledge of different retail Environments (Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Hard Discounts, Pharmacy and...
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    01/2009 - Present
    Position Summary Responsible for sales, profitability and 5P´s in-store execution for the Indirect Trade business. Responsible for developing the partnership between CP and our Service Providers (wholesalers, distributors), helping to align the category, brand, and shopper strategies at the point of sales to increase demand and their support for the profitable growth through the right planning process. Key Responsabilities - Managing and setting the team´s objectives. Ensure that the team delivers the overall team mission and goals while building CP´s and Customer´s mutual business, working together to satisfy consumer/shopper needs. - Define specific roles and KPIs for the team. - Ensure team maintain accurate projections vs plan of sales and spending. - Foster CP and customer relationship through Joint Service Plans - Define & execute customer investment strategy - Implement & control Terms and Conditions - Apply Category Management learning in the day to day business - Ensure post-evaluations of all promotions - Identify opportunities to improve supply chain efficiency, gaining resource approval and agreeing specific plans with cutomer - Ensure "winning at the shelf" is a top priority to the team, and that 5P tactics and demand marketing initiatives are executed with excellence
    07/2007 - 12/2008
    - Adapt retail enviroment strategy, brand strategy and shopper strategy to develop customer investment strategy - Work with Customer and Consumer Marketing to translate Direct trade category plans into customers plans to help the team to deliver objectives.- - Work with Customer and Consumer Marketing to develop the anual activity grid for the channel. - Work with supply chain (demand planning team) to define and ensure the volumes for the channel - Provide substancial input to botton up recommendation - Develop deep insights and actionable recommendations from post evaluation analysis and ensure learnings are incorporated to customer and retail enviroment strategy. - Monitor 5P execution performance (availability, price, sare of shelf, etc) ensuring issues are quickly resolved. - Ensures systematic post evaluation of 5P activities and develops detailed understanding effectiveness.
    01/2005 - 06/2007
    - Responsible for Carrefour Group (Carrefour & Dia) - Leader of the a muntifunctional team : field sales executives, merchandisers, supply chain and financial resources. - Translate brand plans and category plans by retail enviroment into customer business plans. - Develop customer investment strategy, consistent with Retail Enviroment, brand strategy and Shopper Insights - Facilitate Top to Top contact between CP and Carrefour senior management to ensure strategic alignment - Foster realtionship through joint business plans, and joint demand activities - Leader of the Masse de Marge Global proyect in Oral Care. (Carrefour Global Proyect) . Elected by Carrefour as the best supplier in MdM and Mode d´Emploi (Category Management) reaching the best results in sales and margin in the customer during 2005 - Develop network contacts throughout the customer organization in order to influence all decision points whithin the custome, improving understanding, inceasing data access and ensuring face to face contact : buying, merchandising, marketing, finance, IT, Store operation and supply chain - Ensure "winning at the shelf" by implementing 5P tactics and demand marketing initiatives with excellence at the point of sales. - Monitor 5P execution performance and correct any desviation
    03/2003 - 12/2004
    - Key Customer Manager in Jumbo, La Anonima, Auchan, Farmacity - Develop customer investment strategy, consistent with retail enviroment strategy, brand strategy and shopper insights - Reach Objectives and KPIs defining for this customers (sales, margin, gross to net,etc) - Facitlitate Top to Top meetings to ensure CP and Cusomer senior management strategic alignment - Ensure "winning at the shelf" by executing 5P plans and demand marketing initiatives with exellence at the point of sales - Monitor 5P execution performance and ensure issues are quickly resolved.
    09/1999 - 12/2002
    01/1995 - 08/1998
    - Manage the Cash flow of the company - Responsible for the treasury - Manage relation with the bank, and th current accounts - Manage current accounts and payment to suppliers
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