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    Eric Sharpe
    Eric Sharpe
    CTO at Tom Sharpe Properties LLC
    Savannah, Georgia
    LocationSavannah, Georgia
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    01/2011 - Present
    09/2010 - Present
    Oversee all creative projects and branding assignments.
    02/2006 - Present
    CEO and founder of a Digital solution business. We fix and repair any digital device problem.The company quickly moved into web after many clients enjoyed working with such an easy going company.We give our clients the option to edit their own websites and to keep things simple.that is what we like to do!
    02/2004 - Present
    Worked on designing widgets for prospective clients on facebook and using the Evoca Media Services.Web designs, graphic design and project management
    02/2007 - 07/2007
    Between helping clients decide what they needed in a website, to fixing DNS errors and email problems.I wore many hats and did almost everything that our developers could not handle. It was great working here and I learned a lot which propelled me into my own business creating websites and designs people can use and edit on their own without expensive development time or having to learn an in depth text editor.
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