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    Eric Vengroff
    Eric Vengroff
    Toronto Et Région, Canada
    LocationToronto et région, Canada
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    Eric started his career as Manager of Information Systems for Factory Carpet Outlet, where he developed a continent-wide network of computers for the largest integrated floor-covering operation in Canada. After a diversified career that has taken...
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  • Professional Experience
    11/2005 - 12/2008
    ZoomerMedia is the owner of a number of Canada's leading domains dedicated to more mature Internet users, including www.Zoomers.ca, www.50Plus.com, www.CARP.ca, www.50PlusRelationships.com, and www.Seniors.ca. As Executive Vice-President I have had the opportunity to re-build the business after the "dot-com bust" and create a dynamic new team to work with me.

    The Company's previous name was Fifty-Plus.Net International Inc. (FPN) Recently, the Company amalgamated with Kemur Publishing Co. Ltd., publishers of CARP Magazine, to become ZoomerMedia Limited. This amalgamation followed the reverse takeover of FPN by Olympus Management Inc., a company owned by renowned media innovator Moses Znaimer.

    The busines is getting stronger every day, and this has been a great experience for me, If you're interested in working with us or advertising on our sites, check us out and drop me a line.
    01/2001 - 01/2005
    Actively involved in promoting CARP membership by developing direct mail campaigns, internet marketing campaigns, advertising in other media such as televisio and print media, and Canada’s 50+ Expo.

    He is also involved with some of CARP’s advocacy efforts. Established CARP’s Affordable Housing Roundtable, sat on, or is currently on, the Ontario Housing Supply Working Group committee at the Ministry of Housing, the Seniors Housing Committee of NHRC in Ottawa, the Advisory Panel for Seniors Canada Online, and the attends various working committees assembled by the prescription drug industry.
    08/1994 - 07/1999
    Financial statement and income tax preparation for over 30 different business entities
    Management banking and lending relationships for construction and permanent financing
    Management of investor relations with corporations, REIT’s, syndicators, and high-net-worth-individuals
    Property management, tenant relations and leasing
    Designed and implemented capital structures of various real estate entities
    Personnel management, benefits administration
    Budget and forecast budgeting and presentation
    Grown from zero to $20 million in construction and development revenues, staff size more than tripled and the principals’ net worth dramatically increased
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    Dale Carnegie Coaching Certificate of AchievementOsteoporosis Canada, Toronto Chapter, Certificate of Appreciation

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