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    06/2006 - Present
    Organization and administration of professional seminars; office and records management, marketing, correspondence and scheduling. Technical and scientific research and trial preparation for private law firm specializing in prosecution of public corruption and forensic science litigation. Research and writing on forensic science issues. 4GW media, communications and community organization to build a grassroots movement challenging law enforcement forensic science corruption in Michigan and nationwide. Volunteer on pro-bono project representing prisoners wrongfully convicted on false forensic evidence. Co-produced Mr. Zubel's webcast "The 2009 Report on the Forensic Sciences from the National Academies - The Wake-Up Call for Criminal Law Practitioners." http://www.brighttalk.com/webcasts/3284/play
    10/1999 - Present
    Started own art business in Warsaw, Poland, organized and promoted numerous art openings of my own shows (in Polish) through social and business contacts in the ex-patriate and Polish communities. Developed network of outlets for my printed products. Moved business to Michigan in 2002 and continue producing fine art drawings and paintings.
    Planned, wrote, and coordinated the production of monthly English-language advertising supplements covering foreign investment in Poland. Profiled ambassadors, trade representatives and corporate executives. Worked with support staff in Polish after learning the language on the fly.
    Marketed, developed and presented training programs on a variety of topics. Client list included:
    • Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw – Grant Writing
    • Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture, Warsaw – Grant Writing, Public Relations
    • ERA-GSM, Warsaw (wireless telecommunications) – Crisis Communications
    • Delta Air Lines, Inc. Warsaw -- Job Skills Analysis, Resumes and Interviewing
    • Polish-American Management Center, Lodz – Writing 101
    • Bielsko Biala Business College, Bielsko Biala – Public Relations
    • Price Waterhouse, Warsaw – Stress Management and Meditation
    Volunteered through the American Bar Association Central and Eastern European Law Initiative, Warsaw, Poland to organize Justitia, the Independent Judges’ Association of Poland; designed, edited and launched association newsletter; trained Judges in organizational development for a program to help former Soviet satellites transition to a system based on the rule of law.
    Cleveland, OH and Philadelphia, PA.
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