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    Gal Zolkover
    Gal Zolkover
    Training manager at Intucell
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    Tranning Material Developer and Manager, also Project Manager in a wide variety of technical training issues. Particularly interested in Computer's Networking and telecommunication , Always interested in working with people, as well as new...
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  • Professional Experience
    11/2011 - Present
    Responsible for of all the training activities in the company both external to customers and internal to the company's employees. Manage the technical topics and the knowledge in the company as well as the training infrastructure,e-Learning and webinars.
    04/2007 - Present
    Creating and managing Tranning Materials includind development of: methiodology;PPT;labs;Certification Tests;Animation;E-Learning Courses;E-Learning platform;instructing the technical instructurs;instructing in courses
    05/2011 - 11/2011
    Working closely on strategic customers, especially on presale/post-sale environments.Handling escalated incidents prior to escalation to R&D In-depth problem investigation. Communication with customers for troubleshooting. Problem reproduction in lab environment. Working with R&D on new features/versions/problems. Helping product managers with problematic setups (on site) and new features.
    04/2007 - 05/2011
    The position includes the following responsibilities: Creating working procedures and methodologies.Working side to side with L3/L4 customer support. Customer facing - instructing strategic accounts courses.Instructing the instructors/ Customer support / Field engineersCreating and managing Training Materials including:Creating course materials including,PPT,Hands On labs,Certification TestsProducing E-Learning CoursesCreating and maintaining E-Learning platform
    09/2006 - 04/2007
    Managing the "Cisco Learning Plan" in 6 different academies. Including: hiring the instructors; training the instructors; conducting QA; instructing courses; managing the instructors team
    09/2002 - 08/2006
    Instructor of the CCNA curriculum
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  • Educational Background
    2005 - 2007
    1999 - 2001
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