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    Galo Chacón
    Galo Chacón
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    06/2011 - Present
    Create and implement policies and procedures for administrative and organizational controlAdminister plans, programs and budgets related to HR Area with the purpose of achieving wellness in employees.Plan and administer the training programAdminister work relationsDevelop and administer the compensation programCreate reports and keep informed the owners of the company about all the HR issues during the yearAdminister and supervise all the benefits offered to the employeesCreate motivational programsAdminister the performance evaluation program
    05/2007 - 06/2011
    Business partner assuring staffing needs met using independent contractors and/or employees, recruiting and training employees, ensuring high performance standards met by dealing with performance issues, ensuring practices conform with regulations, implementation and control of policies, programs, systems and subsystems of human resources administration. I constantly strive to improve employee relations, manage benefits and compensation, develop, implement, update and present the Code of Business Conduct and other policies (Internal Code & Safety and Hygiene Code) while I review and improve Coaching processes , assist Petroecuador with (contractually required) professional training of students, as I observe HR reporting structure in to Houston-based corporate headquarters.
    09/2006 - 05/2007
    Responsible for the planning, directing, implementing and controlling policies, programs, systems and subsystems for superior human resources administration. I work to improve relations between the employees and management through critical training and human resources development initiatives.Additionally, I have departmental budgetary responsibilities for annual training and development program implementation.
    08/2005 - 08/2006
    Responsible for successful application of company strategy to the human resources area. In charge of the planning, directing, implementing and controlling policies, programs, systems and subsystems of human resources administration. Improved employee relations, training and human resources development. budgetary responsibilities for the implementation and development of Human Resources Management by Competencies, continuous process review and improvement, development and implementation of annual training programs and a new human resources administration system.
    02/2005 - 08/2005
    Responsible for the technical administration of the human resources function in the company including the design and implementation of personnel subsystems including recruitment, hiring, training, evaluation, organizational development and salary administration. I established policies and procedures, developed an annual training program for all personnel, advised on administrative and regulatory compliance matters, managed salaries, benefits and promoted a positive work environment with good communication and employee relations to solve problems in the administrative and operational areas.
    01/2004 - 12/2004
    Executive Recruitment Assessment Center position supporting Human Resources Development, Training, Organizational Culture Diagnostics, Project Development, Compensation Feedback, 360ºs and Coaching.
    09/2001 - 12/2003
    Supported Human Resources Manager in management of all HR processes in company by designing and implementing all personnel subsystems and policies and practices for irecruiting, training, personnel evaluations, legal compliance, benefits and compensation, **Recruited, hired and oriented personnel, identified training needs, established training plans and supported all HR administrative actions like promotions and transfers. Mantained legal and regulatory compliance, supervised payroll process, administered dismissal process and third party contractors.Recommend Galo's
    12/1998 - 09/2001
    Responsible for recruitment and hiring in accordance with established policies and procedures. Investigated and to determined training needs, maintained a database of internal and external candidates, conducted evaluations of candidates, interviews and development evaluations in support to all managers and HR chain of command. Administered salaries, payroll, calculated deductions, prepared and maintained hiring payroll data and metrics.
    07/1997 - 12/1998
    Supported Human Resources Manager with personnel administration, policies and procedures, benefits administration and file maintenance personnel metrics and reporting, vacation administration and training courses.
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