• General Summary
    Gerard Blaauw
    Gerard Blaauw
    Director/Owner at Blaauw Space Affairs
    La Haye Et Région, Pays-Bas
    LocationLa Haye et région, Pays-Bas
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  • Biography
    Strategic business development in multi-functional and international environments
  • Professional Experience
    08/2011 - Present
    Het adviseren en (doen) uitvoeren van alle voorkomende werkzaamheden voor het versterken van de positie en het profiel van organisaties in de ruimtevaart en daaraan gerelateerde sectoren.
    06/2011 - Present
    The Netherlands Space Society NVR was founded in 1951 with the goal to inform their members of space science and space technology, and to provide network opportunities for its members. This goal is still valid and forms its mission statement: 'to provide space activities in the broadest sense'. The NVR aims at professionals in the space industry, students in space-related universities and space interested public in the Netherlands. The NVR offers a platform for activities, communication and information on space.
    10/2003 - 01/2011
    Strategic business development, space policy, market development, Space 2.0, technology development in relation to European Space Agency ESA, (inter-) national industries and SME's, European Commision
    10/2003 - 09/2010
    SpaceNed is the Association of Space companies in The Netherlands, rebranded from NISO in 2009. The objective of SpaceNed is to strengthen the position of its members in the international space market. SpaceNed interconnects almost all Dutch companies active in space, together with research institutes and universities, active in both the downstream and upstream space markets. SpaceNed represent its members in communication with the Dutch Government, through the Netherlands Space Office, in creating a well aligned strategy for space in The Netherlands, and realization thereof.
    09/1993 - 10/2003
    Strategic business development, outsourcing commercial activities, international growth, international R&D committees & networks, chairman of Board of Directors of sales offices in USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, United Kingdom and France/Italy/Spain.(in period 1993 - 1999 as manager Crash Safety Centre)
    04/1984 - 09/1993
    Vehicle property development, scientific analysis & CAE, business services ICT, international R&D committees & networks, business issues related to changes in international shareholder positions (Sweden, France, Japan), workflow innovation, value-chain optimisation
    01/1990 - 08/1993
    Lecturing: vehicle engineering, innovative workflow processes in automotive product development
    01/1971 - 04/1984
    R&D traffic & transport, multi-disciplinary project management, marketing & sales, > 100 (inter-) national papers and presentations, international R&D committees & networks
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  • Educational Background
    1988 - 2003

    Extra-activity: Managing Partnerships & Strategic Alliances, INSEAD, Fontainebleau; Orchestrating Winning Performance, IMD, Lausanne; Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting, Management Centre Europe; Centre for Creative Leadership, Brussels; Holding & Subsidiaries: Concern Management, European Business Studies.

    1965 - 1971

    Measurement and Control, Man- Machine Systems(MSc: 1971; PhD: 1984)

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