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    Gerardo Barrios
    Gerardo Barrios
    President at Amvar Consultants - Hospitality & Real Estate
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    09/2001 - Present
    Since 2001, this Hospitality Company based in the Caribbean (Nassau, The Bahamas) with International exposure in the areas of Hotel/Real Estate Development and Management, Business Development, Asset Management, Delivery of Worldwide Sport Events (Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup) and International Management Consulting has been focusing in the Americas with emphasis in South America and the Caribbean among other key markets.Hired in 2008 to provide the technical support to design and develop a Government owned five star, 300 room Hotel with a large Conference Centre and Exhibition Hall in Oran, Algeria. The entire design work is being done in Spain with Canadian, Spanish and Algerian Architects. Responsibilities included assisting the ownership (Sonatrach – Algeria) in obtaining the brand to manage the Hotel and Conference Centre (Le Meridien – Starwood Hotels and Resorts), reviewing the proposed Hotel Agreements and liaising with their technical services people to develop the property. Also, responsible for identifying a suitable candidate with worldwide expertise to manage their Exhibition Hall.
    02/2004 - 01/2008
    Entire responsibility for the parent company of this Caribbean hospitality group comprising the following properties:• South Ocean Golf & Beach Resort, Bahamas: VP Operations & GM. Development of a new concept for this property for the successful re-launching and re-positioning of this exclusive resort located in Nassau, Bahamas. The resort will have a PGA quality golf course (by Greg Norman), with a hotel/casino, a second hotel (boutique 5 stars), a residential component, Spa, Tennis Club, and one of the best diving centres and marina in the world, all located in a very intimate and tranquil setting.• British Colonial Hilton, Bahamas: Asset Manager/Owner’s Representative for this property managed by Hilton International (4 Diamond AAA). • British Colonial Development Company, Bahamas: Asset Manager/Owner’s Representative. Overseeing the Company, managing the real estate developments (office complex, retail and parking lot) and other developments
    05/2003 - 02/2004
    General Manager with Regional responsibilities. This property (5 Star Resort by Canada Select and 4 Diamond by AAA) was originally built as a canning factory in the late 1800’s and is part of Vintage Inns. This Company owns five of the most luxurious boutique hotels in North America, which are located in a town named as the “Prettiest Town in Canada”.
    01/2002 - 04/2003
    Development of pre-opening plans for new properties; preparation of strategic sales plans to increase revenues; assessment and implementation of financial initiatives to improve bottom-line results; evaluation of service levels and design of training programs to elevate customer satisfaction; motivation of personnel to boost morale and enhance productivity.
    05/2001 - 12/2001
    Responsible for the successful planning, organisation, implementation and direction of the Opening Plan of a deluxe 5 star Hotel and Entertainment Complex (first one of its kind in Cuba, and among the best in the Caribbean), consisting of two properties (600 rooms) with 18 restaurants and bars, full entertainment, in an all-inclusive format.
    05/1997 - 12/2000
    Under my leadership, this hotel became the area leader in the luxury level competitive set, reaching the highest revenue/profit generation of all the Starwood hotels in the Canadian Division, and earned the number 5 overall ranking in the Starwood North American Division in 1998 & 1999 (Revenue, profit, guest & associate satisfaction). Developed and implemented a Strategic Plan for this luxurious 4 Diamond AAA property and assisted Corporate Offices with property take-overs and re-branding situations.
    04/1986 - 04/1997
    Variety of positions in several properties in Canada and in the Caribbean with the largest Hospitality Management Company with headquarters in Toronto, Canada.Took part of pre-openings, openings, re-branding and re-positioning of hotels as well as Management and Development of a region overseas.
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  • Educational Background
    1975 - 1979

    Additional Executive Education Programs:2005/2006 - Cornell University (USA), Certification in Hotel/Real Estate Investment and Development 1999 - Queen's University (Canada), Executive Leadership and Strategic Planning1998 - University of Guelph (Canada), Advanced Management Program for the Hospitality Industry1993 - York University (Canada), Advanced Management Skill for Senior Managers1991 - Holiday Inn University (USA), General Managers Program1988 - Cornell University (USA), Certification in Rooms Division Management and Effective Decision Making1980 - Ryerson University (Canada), Certification in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management

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