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    Giuliano Marello
    Giuliano Marello
    Head of Direct Sales and Remarketing Europe at BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions
    Milan Et Périphérie, Italie
    LocationMilan et périphérie, Italie
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    Director of Business Units since several years, I have made an international career for multinational groups, that allowed me to gain a range of experiences from finance controlling to sales and management.
    I adore being confronted with...
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  • Professional Experience
    05/2008 - Present
    Responsible for the Truck Renting activities of the Group (Artegy brand) in France, UK and Italy. Turnover of more than 100M€, gross profit of several M€, 100+ employees.Coaching and supervision of Country Directors on sales performances, organization, strategy and product offer, budgets and results.In charge of the project of deployment of the activity in Italy: choice of the local MD, market analysis, product construction, business plan. Sponsor of the IT deployment project: 9 months - 460k€Start up of a sales international activity on Key AccountsResponsible for Corporate projects to support the activity: CRM, new products (recontracting, insurance), IT evolutionResponsible for the remarketing results in the G6 countries for the Business Line ELS: management of stocks and of the activity, process optimization in liaison with the Service Factory Department
    05/2006 - 05/2008
    Start up of a new Business Unit dedicated to Transportation Equipment Financing (trucks, trailers, light commercial vans).I have created the Value Proposition and the Go To Market Strategy for the business; segmented the market with the marketing department and identified potential customers.I have defined the financial products for vehicles financing and the related procedures in the company.I have set up and managed a sales team of 3 sales reps: hiring, coaching, training, salary planningUltimately I was responsible for the strategy, the resources, the results (volumes and margins) of the business
    06/2005 - 04/2006
    Conception, negotiation and signature of tailor-made asset financing operations for large corporates, deals starting from 1M€Management of the two signallers channels of the Italian Investment Bank and the Headquarters in Paris
    10/2003 - 05/2005
    Head of different Business Units, financial captives of different brands, like MAN Finance (trucks) and Ingersoll Rand Financial Services (construction equipment), with responsibilities over new credit volumes, margins, budget for marketing and events, risk.Company’s reference for the partner: conception of products and solutions responding to his needs; pricing; launch of promotional campaigns; presence to all partner events; interface between the partner and all company’s services (credit analysts, debt collectors…) Influential Management of an internal channel of 50 sales reps and of the manufacturer partner dealers networkResponsibilities over the products for final customer (Loans and Leasing), as well as those destined to manufacturer dealers (Stock Financing)
    01/2000 - 09/2003
    Sale of long term truck rental and fleet management solutions to businesses: Customer prospecting, Key accounts portfolio management, Contribution to the negotiation of national contracts and set-up of Call for Tenders.Built the customer portfolio of the Western Region, then in charge of the Northern Region.Relationships with all suppliers (truck dealers and carriage makers) and management of a business signaller networkTraining of a junior sales rep and supervision of his activity
    08/1997 - 12/1999
    Monitoring of the Group financial indicators (new credits volume, margins and operating costs) for all different branches and production of a consolidated reporting for the BoardConsolidation and financial analysis of the P&Ls of Group companiesProduction of Group Budgets and Three Year Plans, aggregating French and foreign subsidiariesSpecific studies and analysis assigned by the Board
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  • Educational Background
    1996 - 1997

    Extra-activity: Training in Finance (Corporate Finance and M&A, Financial Controlling and Accounting, Financial Markets and Instruments), Human Resources, Marketing and Strategy, Project Management.Junior Consultant in EDF - Human Resources Department: organized a benchmarking among ten top European companies on career planning; produced recommendations for HR computer system evolutions

    1990 - 1996

    Extra-activity: Attended the 2nd year of the cursus of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Paris (ENST) in the frame of the Erasmus Project

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