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    Graham Dryden
    Graham Dryden
    Chairman at Danuma Group
    Houston, Texas
    Also known asgdryden
    LocationHouston, Texas
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    Experience: Proven world class oil finder. Expert in quickly understanding complex data sets and generating quality drillable prospects; discriminating worthwhile farm-in opportunities; planning the efficient exploitation or reworking of existing...
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  • Professional Experience
    04/2013 - Present
    Chairman of Danuma Group Of Companies: Danuma Oil Fields Ltd,, Boguma Oil Services Ltd., Ghana Geoscience Institute, Danuma USA Inc, Boguma USA Inc.Senior Partner at Offshore Exploration Partners LLP.President at Romanche Resources Inc.
    01/2013 - Present
    Prospect generator in deep water internationally. Identified several prospects containing a total of 8 billion bbl recoverable at P90, and 4.5 TCF, Optioned blocks and helped raise cash to take a 100% position in each block. Currently seeking qualified operators for 50% farm in participation.
    06/2012 - Present
    Seismic interpretation, velocity modeling and Petrel static model building. Clients include Shell, Oxy, Noble, and Apache. Areas worked include Mukhaizna and Wadi Latham in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Colombia, and Cook Inlet of Alaska.
    06/2010 - Present
    Providing exploration and production guidance in Texas, West Africa and Tatarstan
    06/2010 - Present
    Providing exploration and production guidance in USA and internationally. Recent projects:Built Jewell Suite 3D reservoir property model to support expert witness in lawsuit.Mapped reservoir in offshore Equatorial Guinea. Extracted seismic attributes to show previously undetected leak points. Recommended changing reservoir pressure support system design.Mapped reservoirs and supporting horizons in Jubilee Field, offshore Ghana. Evaluated offshore blocks in Ghana and recommended one to client. Escorted client to Ghana to review data.Conducted petrophysical studies in Ghadames and Sirte Basins, onshore Libya. Recommended changes to exploration program to improve success ratio. Presented findings to major Russian oil company in Bugulma, Tatarstan.Conducting integrated reservoir studies in Azerbaijan in Petrel.
    12/2009 - Present
    We are looking for deals, from a few million up to 1B.
    11/1999 - Present
    Currently working on various oil and gas projects in the USA and overseas. Actively seeking partners in exploration projects.

    Represented General Dynamics at Port Hueneme Naval Surface Warfare Center, developed several database-centric business software applications. Investigated security on Navy computer systems, anticipated potential exploits, and recommended solutions to proactively block such exploits.
    11/2009 - 06/2010
    Assembled proposals to explore in Mexico and California.
    03/2007 - 01/2009
    Consulted on new field acquisitions. Consulted on large 3D seismic exploration programs. Checked submittals, interpreted seismic, generated prospects, maintained a database of wells and seismic data. Turned down 9 farmin opportunities. All were drilled and turned out to be dry holes,
    04/2008 - 09/2008
    Consulted at Warren Exploration and Production unit in Long Beach. Built stochastic and deterministic models of the Wilmington Oilfield in Petra and Petrel as front end to Eclipse reservoir modeling. Planned and supervised the drilling of several horizontal and sinusoidal injection and production wells. Interpreted extensive marine 2D seismic database and recommended property acquisitions.
    01/2007 - 01/2008
    Consulted with Tethys Exploration in the North Ustyurt basin of Kazakhstan to evaluate the Kyzyloi and Akkulkah shallow gas projects using 2D seismic and amplitude anomaly analysis. Several discovery wells in the Akkulka project tested around 8 MMCF/D. Also reworked the regional seismic picture to condemn one prospect and to develop deeper leads in the Kul-Bas project.
    11/2006 - 01/2008
    Consulted in Georgia on developing exploration prospects in the Caucasus overthrust belt using satellite imagery, subsurface well control, and 2D seismic. Assisted in picking infill drilling locations in Ninotsminda field.
    11/2004 - 11/2006
    (Representing Valkyries Petroleum) Traveled to Georgia, examined 2D seismic and subsurface well control, visted outcrops in the field, evaluated several Caucasus overthrust prospects. Traveled extensively in Russia and FSU scouting for deals. Planned and interpreted 3D surveys over Sotchemyu-Talyu field in Komi: recommended horizontal wells increased production 50%. Recommended Kalmykia offshore acquisition, planned 2D survey, and traveled to Gelendzhik and Krasnodar to solve problems with non-performing Russian contractors. Represented shareholders at technical meetings in Moscow and Geneva. Proposed the Morskaya-1 exploration well. This resulted in a significant new field discovery having reserves approaching 1 Billion BOE which tested 2,500 BOPD. (http://www.lundin-petroleum.com/Press/pr_russia_21-07-08_e.html)
    11/1982 - 06/1984
    Denver: Responsible for economic analysis, prospect generation, identification and acquisition. Initiated California exploration program, purchased seismic and well data, negotiated venture participation resulting in increasing our energy assets by $3,000,000 the first year. Responsible for contract negotiation with oil field workers. Supervised 4 technicians, all well site geological activities. Evaluated geological software. Recommended software and company acquisitions to our Lear Data subsidiary. Developed dial-up competitor well database now marketed by PI/Nielsen.
    11/1980 - 07/1982
    Bogota: Analyzed Llanos geology and geophysics. Evaluated poor exploration success ratio (1000 km seismic, 70 wells, one discovery) and inefficient data reduction. Reinterpreted data, purchased computers and trained staff to create databases. Redesigned seismic program to identify ERTS structural anomalies. Reexamined well cuttings: identified one bypassed well. Of the next 5 wells, 2 were discoveries. Analyzed E&P opportunities in Malvinas and San Jorge basins, Argentina.
    04/1979 - 11/1980
    Responsible for planning and executing oil and gas exploration and development programs in the Western USA. Wrote well log analysis and petroleum engineering programs. Noted bypassed gas in deep Dakota wells in the San Juan Basin, NM . Proposed a shallow exploration program which found a 13 well gas field (Pictured Cliffs Formation). Sat all company's exploration wells in Rocky Mountains, California and New Mexico.
    01/1974 - 01/1979
    Abu Dhabi: Responsible for exploration and production well proposals in Abu Dhabi Marine Areas concession. Proposed Sateh discovery well, (900 MBOIP). Lead field parties to the Sabkha and the Hawasina Ophiolite Complex . Drove 12,000 miles from UAE to UK and back. Ireland: responsible for exploration well proposals in Fastnet and Porcupine. Recommended wells resulting in 300 MBOIP discovery in block 26-28. Initiated computer competitor database and cross sections. Wrote program to apply Faltung integral method to Monte Carlo simulation: enabled us to do rapid onsite prospect evaluation instead of relying on mainframes back in the UK, allowing us to seize opportunities in a timely manner. Invented computer method for analyzing RFT's while the tool was on formation, saving re-runs and increasing tool utility 100%, saving one day per test in rig downtime.
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  • Educational Background
    1970 - 1974

    Extra-activity: Chess Team, Captain of Cyling team

    1970 - 1974

    Extra-activity: Chess Team, Captain of Cyling team

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