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    Hardini Puspasari
    Hardini Puspasari
    Greater Jakarta, Indonesia
    LocationGreater Jakarta, Indonesia
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    01/2011 - Present
    PT Inmark International Event (inmark events) is your one-stop solution for creating and managing the perfect event. As a MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition) Organizer, We have expertise and experiences in corporate or commercial events; big or small. This includes: trade shows, meetings, conference and seminars, products presentation, grand openings, ad campaigns; trainings, entertainments, corporate activities and promotions.Beginning as an active department of INMARK Communication, INMARK events has blossomed and transformed into an experienced and full-fledged professional MICE organizer with the strong commitment to deliver non-stop creativity. Initiated by a team of professionals, INMARK events is becoming the leading MICE organizer in Indonesia.We provide from a to z when organizing and managing your event to ensure that you are comfortable and the event held successfully, exceeding your target. We will provides a personal and creative professional touch on every steps of creating and managing your perfect event. We will sit down and listen to your every needs.
    01/2008 - Present
    01/2007 - Present
    Strategic Consulting for Public Relations and Communication Program, Media Analysis and Monitoring, Training and Capacity Building and Event Management for Exhibition, Launching, Seminars, Workshop, Tournament
    01/2007 - Present
    Inmark Communication adalah perusahaan yang fokus dalam penyediaan jasa Konsultan Public Relations & Communication, Event Management & Marketing Komunikasi yang terpadu, dengan mengutamakan strategi inovasi pencitraan kliennya agar program yang dituju oleh klien tepat pada sasarannya. Your Success Our Priority adalah motivasi tujuan utama Inmark Communication dalam mewujudkan setiap kesuksesan kliennya.Dengan berbagai pengalaman serta kepercayaan yang telah dimiliki, menempatkan inmark communication sebagai mitra/partner yang tepat dalam mencari solusi dengan inovasi terbaru. Dibawah naungan PT. Integrated Marketing Communication para professional muda yang tergabung dalam Inmark Communication mempunyai latar belakang yang menarik dan penuh dengan kreatifitas.Team ini terbukti diantaranya mempunyai pengalaman berkomunikasi dengan multi stakeholders. Inmark Communication selain mempunyai track record yang baik, dapat menempatkan posisinya sebagai communicators yang profesional dalam setiap memberikan jasa pelayanan komunikasi diantaranya pada bidang event management, Media Handling & Representations, dan menyusun Strategi Komunikasi serta kegiatan above the line & below the line.
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