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    Hein Roovers
    Hein Roovers
    Director Marketing the Netherlands at DHL Express
    Utrecht, Netherlands
    LocationUtrecht, Netherlands
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    10/2008 - Present
    Responsible for Pricing Management, Tender Management, Marketing Communications, Customer Events, Product Management, Campaign Management, Database Intelligence, Market Research, Leadmanagement and eCommerce.
    10/2008 - Present
    Responsible for Pricing, Tenders, Marketing Communication, Database Intelligence, Market Research, Leadmanagement and Product Management
    01/2006 - 10/2008
    Responible for multiple projects on the area of Sales Management, i.e. Leadsmanagement, Event Driven Marketing, 'Lean' implementation, Customer Lifecycle Management.
    05/2005 - 12/2005
    Responsible for the production en assembling of product packagesand commercial support of Intermediaries Total 60 fte (70 employees) divided in four teams
    05/2003 - 05/2005
    Responsible for Product Management and Product Development for savings, investments, commercial loans and payments sold through the intermediairy channel under the brands Nationale Nederlanden, WestlandUtrecht and Regio Bank.
    06/2001 - 05/2003
    Program Manager of all projects on telephone banking within the retailbank organisation: Commercial and technical implementation of the Direct Banking service concept, development of the Customer Contact Centers, development of an integrated front-office application for the Customer contact centers.
    10/1998 - 10/1999
    Multiple projects within the ING Group:- ING Bank Risk Finance:Product development on reputation management- ING Asset Management: Development of an global benchmarking system- ING Barings: Consultancy project in Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia on banking services through postoffices
    01/1994 - 10/1998
    Commercial advisory and sales of life insurance products
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