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  • Biography
    Current owner of Rejavanate Coffee Lounge, a unique independent cafe integrating concepts built on promoting and supporting local art and music venue in Las Vegas while providing excellent customer services. Furthermore, I part of an international...
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  • Professional Experience
    10/2000 - 10/2006
    •As a senior machinery watch stander, I have trained and managed groups ranging from 5-15 subordinates through interactive activities, operational procedures, emergency actions, and exemplified proper watch standing principles maximizing divisional efficiency.
    •On-site inspections on vital equipment for quality assurance, minimizing rework.
    A 16 year international telecom company endorsed by Donald Trump in which we market breakthrough technology and major digital companies, helping family and friends save money on everyday uses, centered around building relationship and introducing opportunities through a simple effective system designed to earn residuals and commissions.

    Experienced in the following fields:
    * cell phones through all major carriers
    * Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol such as digital converters and the Video phones)
    * local & long distance
    * alarm systems
    * Direct TV & Dish network
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