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    02/1994 - 12/1994
    02/1988 - 11/1989
    Grass-root organizer responsible for organizing college students, campaigning on campuses and registering eligible voters in the five boroughs of NYC area to support the Dinkins for Mayor Campaign.
    HUKM International specializes in international trade negotiations, logistic planning, sourcing and international marketing and strategic planning. Our objective is to maximize the profit earning and cost saving of our clients, streamlining the procurement process and offering second to none customer service.
    National Anti Defamation League for People of Color (NADLPC) develops character development and leadership training curriculum for community based organizations to promote duty. discipline and determination to deliver community-based solutions through community service. In addition, we support and conduct professional workshops, seminar and information session which promotes the self improvement, family structure and entrepreneurship...just to name a few.
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