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    Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom
    LocationKirkcaldy, United Kingdom
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  • Professional Experience
    12/2011 - Present
    Employed on FPSO involved in the Material / Logistic Field
    02/2010 - 09/2011
    > POSITIONS Various Overseas / CONSULTANT positions for Shell / Esso / Al Furat / Exxon / Sirte Libya / Singapore,Syria,Gabon,Nigeria, / for Megi Equatorial Guinea / for Babcock in Nigeria / for Larson in Norway > ACHIEVEMENTS were set up a Reconciliation Programme for Shell in Nigeria / Revamp of Warehouse / Yard Drilling for Sonangol in Angola / Revamp Warehouse / Yard for Shell in Syria / Review for Shell in Gabon / Set up Offshore Warehouse for Megi in Equatorial Guinea / Revamp Offshore Warehouse for Umic in Ivory Coast or Cote De Ivorie / Reconciliation Programme for Sirte Oil in Libya / Revamp Drilling Offshore Warehouse for KCAD in Sakhalin Island / Revamp of many Offshore Stores for Shell Platforms in the North Sea Sectors Central / Northern Fields /> TEAM LEADER on various Projects overseas training of Local Nationals both onshore and offshore - Returned to Singapore 2011 then will travel to Cape Town then to Namibia then to Angola Offshore on a FPSO COUNTRIES employed overseas Denmark / Norway / Sweden / Germany / Spain / Egypt / Libya / Gabon / Nigeria / Cote De Ivorie / Equatorial Guinea / Angola / Namibia / Cape Town / Venezuela / Sakhalin Island / Scotland / England / Ireland / Syria / United Arab Emirates / COUNTRIES Travelled and Towns Sicily Caltgirone, Palermo, Catania, Tarmina / Italy Rome / Belguim Brussels / Holland Amsterdam / Crete Herlikion / Spain Barcelona / Canary Island Tenerife / France Paris / Germany Hohne, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Fallingbostal, / Norway Bergen, Hagusund / Denmark Osberg / Sweden Stokholm / Egypt Cairo / Libya Benghazi,Tripoli,Tobruk / Syria Damascus, Thayem, Derrizor / U.A.E. Dubai / Nigeria Warri, Port Harcourt, Kidney Island Snake Island, Bonny Island, Ekete, Lagos / Gabon Liberville, Port Gentil, Gamba, Rabi / Equatorial Guinea Malabo / Ivory Coast Abijan / Angola Luanda / Venezuela Lake Maracaibo, Caracus / Sakhalin Island Yuzhno, Nogligi /PROFICIENT in all Disciplines Materials
    07/2008 - 10/2009
    Offshore Drilling Material Controller
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  • Educational Background
    1960 - 1964

    Ex Member of the Forces Army placement in Northern Ireland Longkesh Interment Camp ( IRA ) also Active Service Forces also Germany based in Hohne and Fallingbostal Hanover until demob in 1973 awarded the GSM Medal commendation Commenced within the Oil and Gas Industry 1973 through contact from father a General Manager with BP World wide projects and also BP House in London then a General Manager for Grangemouth Refinery also Port Talbot Refinery and a Refinery based in Ireland too there after a Director with Asco Company based in Aberdeen I was employed originally with Santa Fe Drilling Company and worked my way from Roustabout for one year then to Roughneck for a period of one year and then to Drilling Materials Man on a permanent basisMany years offshore in the North Sea Sectors and Overseas based on Semi Submersibles, Jack Ups, Platforms, Drill Ships, Drilling Barge Tender, travel to many countries involved in the Drilling / Construction / Engineering / Maintenance /

    Extra-activity: Walking / Keep Fit / Driving / Social Activities /

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