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  • Biography
    Having achieved significant success in a broad and diverse range of senior leadership and management positions, in non-profit and in the business community, I played a key role in developing and supporting MCI Telecommunications in developing...
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  • Professional Experience
    01/2009 - 03/2009
    Senior Business Analyst – Enterprise Web Application Development
    •Managed business requirements and resolve issues while using effective change management practices
    •Estimated work based on requirements leveraging technical resources
    •Supported QA and UAT resources during testing phase ensuring delivered system meets business requirements (traceability)
    •Responsible for facilitating key business initiatives and acting as the liaison between business and technology, contributing to strategic business planning, and coordinating the resulting system development
    •Supported technical resources during design and development efforts
    •Organized and facilitate Joint Application Design sessions, one/one interviews and cross-functional sessions
    •Redesign of four web-sites including UI, SEC and best Marketing practices
    •Liaison between business and IT, including outsource partners, by managing communications, relationships, and priorities
    •Contributed to business planning and application
    •Developed requirements based on SOW, contract and Marketing initiatives
    •Monitored and escalate issues to leadership team
    •Assessed proposed initiatives by bringing a broad IT perspective, engaging appropriate IT resources and IT partners to drive out cost benefit analysis
    •Utilized the knowledge of product lines, banking industries, computer systems, and operating practices to optimize business processes
    •Contributed to activities involved in systems analysis, content effectiveness, cost savings analysis, and system redesign, as well as planning and directing activities intended to develop new or revised processes
    •Ensured approved proposals are carried through to delivery
    03/2007 - 07/2008
    Managed and supported IT COTS application processing a minimum of $5 billion per month
    Managed and developed business client relationship
    Strategic and tactical enterprise implementation
    Hire and developed senior level staff – up to 4 senior direct reports
    Managed SDLC for vendor release and ACM compliance
    Ensured the work conducted by the team was analytically rigorous, evidence-based and presented clearly to executive management and business clients
    Requirement definition, analysis and system documentation
    Provided analytical and/or logistical support to team while managing strategic and tactical initiatives
    Manage IT business and application analysis and remediation
    Implementation management of Master Servicing loan systems and applications
    Product delivery, process and impact analysis and implementation
    Sarbanes Oxley, SEC compliance and internal and external audit compliance and control
    Reporting and statistical analysis
    Contract and business negotiation
    02/2006 - 10/2006
    Senior Program Manager

    • Accountable for the successful software deployment and adoption of innovative speech, Interactive Voice response (IVR), and related software technologies unmatched in the industry
    • Alignment of large teams across functional, organizational, and external customers for software development
    • Manage on-going business analysis, client relationships and collaborate with client to develop program forecasts, resource allocation and requirement for software solutions.
    • Collaboration with architects, designers and engineers in the documentation of software changes.
    • Direct budget responsibility in excess of $10 million
    • Direct team consisting of 17 project managers, designers, engineers, and testing groups through to product implementation.
    • Provide critical communication and coordination with sales, product development and other cross-functional organizations
    • Contract development negotiation and execution for $10.5 million program
    01/2002 - 01/2004
    Director of Client Services – Start-up
    - Accountable for the successful deployment and adoption of outsourced email, text to voice translations, and related software technologies
    - Directed seven senior level staff as key liaison between major, national, and strategic accounts
    - Management of software implementations, client relationships, contracts, relationship and legal contract negotiations
    - Coordinated and negotiated all contract activity and new business start-up and management.
    - Implemented and monitored customer satisfaction criteria surveys and results
    - Managed (team of 4) system and procedural documentation for the training of users, sales staff and on-site support personnel
    01/1994 - 01/1999
    Alignment of large teams across functional, organizational, and external customers for software development and implementation
    Managed internal and external user activities, directed program analysis for customer satisfaction surveys and usability studies
    Implemented change communication plans; established roles and procedural working relationships and organizational structures
    Provide on-site support for user pilots, user acceptance testing
    Manager, IT Operational Process Improvement
    Managed the implementation of software applications
    Implemented criteria for software release success rates and user adoption
    Implemented process for procedural reviews and change adoption
    Manage standards of the business and technical environment procedures and process for efficiencies and effectiveness
    Managed productivity analysis for process improvement solutions.
    Managed a senior staff of up to 18 Process Analysts
    Provide updated education to process users
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