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    Javier Aliaga
    Javier Aliaga
    Senior QA Analyst at Globant - Córdoba
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    11/2011 - Present
    Current: QC Lead for Walt Disney World in Agile Framework methodology.Past: QC Analyst for Vast.com in Agile framework methodologyTasks: Define testing plan, define test automation strategy, make recomendations to PO regarding the release. Test cases design and perform. Metrics Design and implementation.
    04/2010 - 10/2011
    Descriptive programming using QTP.Script development using SAP TAO / BPTDevelopment of custom components using SAP TAO frameworkIntegration of TAO with SolMan BPCATesting management process with Automation Tools: Mercury QTP/QC, SAP Solman, SAP TAO Framework.Projects: Current: *Automation Consultant at Banco de Galicia: Sap Banking Implementation. Sap TAO installation and configuration. QC Testing life cycle. SAP TAO BPT Scripting.Past: * Test Coordinator DQR (Data Quality Reports) BI for CRM. Test Plan/Packages Creation. Issue tracking and reporting. Functional Regression Testing.* Randon Brazill: GDC Automation Test Lead; SAP Tao scripting, Sales, MM, FI Transactions. Weekly Reporting.* Vivo Brazil: GDC Automation Test Lead, SAP Tao scripting, Installation of Solution Manager Adapter for Quality Center. Sales, MM Transactions. Weekly Reporting * Banco de Galicia: HP Quality Center 10 Installation, HP Enterprise Integration Module 2.5. SAP Adapter for Quality Center configuration (ST-QCA) in Solution Manager.* Tester of SAP TAO Test Acceleration and Optimation tool. SP4 upgrade.* Test Coordinator CRM Clear Vision Project: Coordination and safeguarding of testing activities within the operations.Organize the testing for release and maintenance deliveries.Overview the test execution for release and maintenance of deliveries. Contact person for all issues regarding testing within operations of an application area.* Functional Testing of PRM@SAP, CRM for Partners.
    07/2009 - 03/2010
    •Use of Mercury Quality Centre Automation •Use of QTP Automation software. And integration with Mercury Products and plugins.•Qualified in doing regression and CR (Change Request) testing.•Raising and retesting any existing and new defects.•Create workflow process and guidelines documentation.
    03/2007 - 05/2009
    Working in the maintainance of legacy systems for American Airlines account in Cargo Commercial System, programming and developing A&D documents. Working in mainframe with PL/1, SAS and IMS data bases mostly.
    04/2008 - 04/2009
    Eiffel, is my first business I start by my self. It's a project that is a great learning in business management, because the quantity of variables we have in a Food & beverages business. I take this as "school" to improve my business related and leadership skills.
    01/2000 - 01/2006
    POS (Point of Sale) configuration, Technical assistance in hosting of financial transactions.Functional testing of Point of Sale Software for VISA Argentina. ISO 8583 Programing VB, Fox, Access, Sql querys Software Life Cycle Process.
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