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    Jennifer McKay
    Jennifer McKay
    Consultant at McKay Marketing
    Lafayette, Louisiana
    LocationLafayette, Louisiana
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    10/2009 - Present
    04/2000 - 01/2006
    New Orleans, LouisianaResponsible for all aspects of marketing independent all-girl school including:Writing and supervising production of all publications including monthly parent newsletter and bi-yearly alumnae publication. Photographing all events for use in publications, archives and other marketing needs.Write and pitch news to media to ensure maximum PR exposure.Write, organize and supervise production of website. Maintain and supervise maintenance of all information online. Conceptualize and supervise production of all image and open house advertising.Plan, negotiate and buy all media.Conceptualize, write and supervise production of Admission and Development materials including Viewbook, Admission Posters and cards, Capital Campaign materials, and Annual Report.Order all specialty marketing material.Monitor all uses of school logo and image to ensure consistency.
    06/2001 - 08/2005
    New Orleans, LouisianaAssisted with physician seminar series.Coordinated and negotiated with sites.Assisted with ad copy. Coordinated logistics at seminar.
    04/1999 - 04/2000
    Responsible for all aspects of Entertainment and Promotions, Publicity, Group Sales, Database Marketing and Marketing Analysis.Managed combined marketing and promotional budgets of over $8 millionDeveloped and implemented programs intended to increase qualified traffic through facilityOversaw booking of all showroom and outdoor concert entertainmentDeveloped, tracked and analyzed direct marketing efforts
    01/1996 - 04/1999
    New Orleans, LouisianaClients: Treasure Chest Casino, Sam’s Town Casino Kansas City, LA Seafood Promotion Board, New Orleans Zephyrs, Cox Interactive Media, Cypress Swamp Tours, United Way of New Orleans, ComputerLand.Responsible for the strategic planning and supervision of all advertising/marketing programs for several key accounts.•Developed all creative material including print and broadcast ads, signage and banners, newsletters, rack cards, coupons, direct marketing collateral, on-hold loop tapes, mascot persona, and brochures•Supervised media dollar allocation to ensure on-target buys•Planned and implemented special events including paid and promotional publicity•Built and maintained strong client relationships•Researched, developed and implemented co-op promotional opportunities •Monitored cost estimates and agency time to ensure profitability
    12/1994 - 11/1995
    Responsible for controlling advertising budget and successful implementation of local and feeder market strategic planning and executions.
    04/1994 - 12/1994
    Responsible for all aspects of new and existing advertiser account services and sales development.
    06/1988 - 03/1994
    Senior Account Executive. December 1989 – March 1994Kaufman and Broad Home Corporation, Inc., Familian Bath/Kitchen Showrooms.Responsible for the conception and implementation of long and short term marketing plans, including supervision of all advertising, direct marketing, media dollar allocation and collateral materials.•Print and broadcast advertising: promotions and point of purchase materials•Criteria for national co-op advertising•Newsletters, brochures, collateral materialsKaufman and Broad Home Corporation, Inc.Key liaison to four regional branch offices for a Fortune 500 company. Responsible for controlling 30% of a $20 million budget and successful implementation of both corporate and regional strategic planning and creative executions.Familian Bath/Kitchen ShowroomsResponsible for strategic planning for West’s largest plumbing wholesaler. Liaison between corporate marketing and 25 branch offices. Responsible for high-end consumer advertising campaign, as well as business-to-business advertising and all marketing programs.
    01/1992 - 07/1993
    01/1989 - 12/1992
    Dunn Edwards Paint, Thermador, Familian Bath and Kitchen Showrooms.Responsible for the structure and operation of the PR department.
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