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    My career objective is to secure a challenging position in the Information Systems field that will allow me to make use of my experience and education in an enjoyable, productive manner. My desire is to move into a leadership role of a small to...
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    01/1992 - 12/2007
    C-Note Computer Services, formerly Husvar Services, has taken many twists and turns over the years of it's existence, constantly remolding itself to meet the changing needs of computer owners. From an early start in building PC's from parts for sale, to web devlopment, eBay auction hosting and Macintosh support. Husvar Services continues to be a dynamic and ever-changing work in progress that helps to generate "butter and egg money for the Husvar family.
    06/2007 - 09/2007
    Support of the corporate headquarters IT needs including telecom, Macintosh and PC support.
    06/2006 - 07/2006
    Contract computer support of PC and Macintosh systems.
    06/2006 - 07/2006
    Contract computer support of PC and Macintosh systems.
    11/2005 - 03/2006
    Worked as a network consultant with responsibilities including on-call support for an extensive list of small to medium sized businesses in the Summit, Portage, Cuyahoga, Medina, Wayne and Stark county area. Responsible for all aspects of support of Windows 2000, 2000 Small Business Server, 2003 Server and 2003 Small Business Server on mostly Dell hardware. Worked at all stages of supporting these servers, from building the server itself to setting up backups, anti-spyware, antivirus, backups and user administration. Also somewhat familiar with Exchange on all of the above platforms. Duties sometimes included PC support of Windows workstations. These ranged from antivirus/antispyware work to hardware upgrade or repair. Occasional printer fixes.
    01/2004 - 01/2006
    Time spread over several assignments.

    Active Directory/Novell User and machine management, Desktop rollout of Windows XP desktops. Small network printer deployment. Break fix support of two entire departments consisting of approximately 200 users. Worked primarily by myself with no direct supervision.
    06/2005 - 11/2005
    Providing break/fix technical support to a 428 bed hospital as well as over 30 associated clinics, physician's offices and other facilities. Supporting Windows 95/2000/XP as well as HP printers and MFP's.
    11/2004 - 03/2005
    Took over support of a small, in house, Macintosh OS X graphics group. Built a new image from scratch using OS 10.3.5, the full Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft and Quark suites. Installed and configured Suitcase X1. Trained users on new operating system. Developed documentation for IT staff to create images from. Also worked on a small Windows XP laptop roll-out and a large migration of user accounts and PC's from a Windows NT environment to a Windows XP environment using Active Directory. Finally, I provided level 3 break/fix support for Windows XP related problems on an as-needed basis.
    01/2004 - 01/2005
    02/2004 - 03/2004
    Provided break/fix support of Windows 2000 and Windows NT machines in a managed environment. Ordered new equipment, worked on roll outs of new COE machines, as well as support of Lotus Notes. Supported approximately 7,000 users.
    11/2003 - 02/2004
    Provide break-fix level 3 support in a Mac 9.x and Windows 2000/XP environment.
    01/2001 - 01/2003
    Provided day to day support of 1,400 users in the capacities of a Level 3 support analyst. This included taking shifts manning the help desk, providing support at the desktop, involvement in the change management process as well as managing projects. Operating systems supported included MacOS 9.x, 10.x, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP in a mixed Windows NT/Novell 5 network environment. Lead the Windows XP certification project for my site.
    04/2000 - 02/2001
    Provided advanced desktop support in a medical center of approximately 7,000 people. The environment encompassed support of physicians, researchers, support and administrative staff. Supported Windows 95, Window 98, Windows NT 4.0 and some Windows 2000 systems. I also supported some Macintosh systems on a limited basis. The network environment is a mixed Novell/NT, with migration away from Novell to NT. Also supported and troubleshot problems with HP Laser Jet and Lexmark printers. Worked with a team of 5 other analysts to support approximately one third of the facility. Played a significant role in the deployment of new desktop computers using Windows NT and migrating users from Novell to NT. Also did some minor NT user administration on an as-needed basis.I started working in this position in April of 2000 as a contractor with TekSystems and was hired full-time in November of 2000.
    04/1999 - 11/2000
    Worked on several assignments involving configuration and setup of both desktop and laptop computers for operation as standalone as well as network workstations. Duties included setup for TCP/IP, Novell and WinNT networking as well as software installation and hardware configuration. Duties also include setting up NT workstations and servers. Supported up to 7,000 users in a desktop support capacity.
    07/1997 - 10/1998
    Year 2000 Project. Duties include assisting project managers, program managers and other relevant parties in design and maintenance of Project Plans. Also entailed development of processes and procedures, proofreading/correcting/approving plan changes, and providing customer service to all parties of a project. Voted as a Most Valued Player
    06/1993 - 08/1994
    Filled various and assorted roles in the development of this business.
    10/1991 - 06/1994
    Responsible for the management of Internet Relay Chat server and clients.. Worked extensively with UNIX operating systems on Hewlett Packard, DEC, Sun and other mini-computer platforms.
    05/1992 - 08/1993
    Duties included management and operation of a 1500 user 24 line computerized information service as well as managing contract programming jobs and computer sales. Job duties also included hardware and software maintenance, specification and design of new software for the service as well as coordinating an interface to the internet
    01/1990 - 01/1992
    PC Support, HP-UX Administration
    06/1989 - 08/1991
    Worked in both the kitchen and serving customers via the Drive Through.
    06/1986 - 08/1986
    Summer internship as a file clerk.
    Providing marketing, design and sales consulting.
    TunerJunkyard.com is the web's first legal chop shop. Specializing in niche dismantling of sports cars.
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    Brainbench - Sterling, VA -CertificationsComputer Technical SupportMS Windows Server 2003 Administration.Computer Fundamentals (Win XP.)MacOS 8.6 Fundamentals. (Applies to all MacOS operating systems from 8.6 to 9.2.2.)Master of Macintosh OS X Fundamentals.Information Technology Terminology.Master Customer Assistance.Computer Technical SupportInformation Technology Industry Knowledge.MS Outlook Express 5.0 FundamentalsMaster Windows 95 Navigation.Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 Fundamentals.Windows 95 Administrator.Master Windows 98 Navigation.Master Computer Fundamentals (Windows 95/98.)Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 FundamentalsMS Word 2000 User

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