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    Jim Redmond
    Jim Redmond
    Senior Farm Manager at Farmland Management Services
    Richland/Kennewick/Pasco, Washington
    LocationRichland/Kennewick/Pasco, Washington
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  • Professional Experience
    05/2010 - Present
    Assist staff from Hancock Agricultural Group (HAIG) with sourcing and acquisition of farmland in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana for client’s investment portfolios. Manage acquired assets for HAIG’s clients: farmland, infrastructure on farmland and tenant base.
    01/2009 - Present
    Guide long term strategic planning for development of modern farming systems, agronomic guidance, support of crop production, irrigation system development, farm equipment and land procurement on a global basis. Development of reporting protocols and management strategies for field development and farming activities in Pakistan. Produced equipment management training/protocols, developed all farming standard operating procedures and agricultural modernization support. Provide agriculture management and farm procurement services for global clients. (11/08-present)
    12/2008 - 03/2010
    Provide farm systems development, agronomic guidance for crops, support crop production and irrigation water management on farm. Managed and lead staff to develop reporting protocol and management strategy for all field development and activities. Responsible for equipment management training, maintenance and agricultural modernization on two seperate farms in Pakistan.
    01/2008 - 09/2008
    Provided comprehensive environmental and agronomic, sales, planning and support to dairy and livestock operations. Guided producers with manure management and agro-environmental management.
    12/2002 - 12/2007
    Direct management responsibility of irrigated agriculture, nutrient management and environmental compliance on 15,000 ac. Responsible for construction management of new farm infrastructure and cooperator grower management. Managed and developed farm employees, safety, security and environmental programs. Managed budget in excess of one million dollars and working capital in excess of twenty five million dollars. Directed farm budgets and all contracts tied to agricultural operations. Managed grower contracting, farm contractors and union employees. Worked with government representatives at all levels to obtain necessary permits, permissions and communications to further goals and corporate objectives. Represented Simplot at industry, research meetings, field days and corporate functions.
    03/2001 - 12/2002
    Managed all aspects of a 240 head beef ranch. Produced positive weight gains on livestock through intense drought with environmental stewardship. Responsible for livestock management, heard health and heavy equipment maintenance/operation.
    12/1984 - 12/2000
    Jamaica-Ministry of Health-Slope stabilization and soil conservation. (12/00)Nepal-National Coop Development Board-Agriculture. (11/98); Mexico-Jalisco Desarrollo y Fomento, A.C.-Agriculture/Natural Resources. (11/97)Kazakistan-KazAgro-Pasture Management. (9/97-10/97)Tajikistan-Winrock International-Agricultural Development. (01/97-02/97)Uzbekistan-Winrock International-Agricultural Development. (01/97)Turkmenistan-Turkmenistan Ministry of Agriculture-Agriculture. (3/96-4/96)Kazakhstan-Winrock International-Agriculture. (4/95-05/95)New Zealand-Warick Lea Farms-Te Awamutu-Ag/Natural Resources. (12/83-1/84)
    03/1998 - 10/2000
    Was responsible for sales of company product line. Worked with key decision makers to develop plant material/seed sales/brokering, identification, collection, propagation, installation, maintenance, consulting, and contract grows sales. Worked to realize a 10 fold increase in sales between first and second year of operations. Managed field and facility construction, installation and field crews (1-65 workers). Managed 60 acres of specialized field production, field research and assisted with greenhouse management.
    06/1992 - 02/1998
    Provided agronomic technical support for annual crops, perennial crops and grazing systems. Worked with agricultural managers to guide their decision making process toward conservation management. Assisted with layout, design and construction management of irrigation water conveyance structures. Assisted producers in determining range conditions, grazing management and capital improvements to increase range conditions, economic return and bio-diversity. Supported agricultural and environmental research. Assisted with operation of the Upper Colorado Environmental Plant Center (UCEPC). Propagated and field produced native plant materials, harvested plant materials and processed for release. Evaluated plantings and maintained records to pre-described characteristics of specific high altitude cultivar’s adaptation abilities, propagated rare and endangered plant species. Organized field days, field research trials and provided training to client base.
    11/1991 - 11/1993
    Conducted economic analysis of the non-fee costs of grazing livestock on public and private lands in Colorado.
    08/1990 - 11/1991
    Responsible for establishment of research, crop production and management of farm personnel. Raised and conducted production research on field crops. Assisted with the production of Certified Seed. Managed and conducted preventive maintenance and overhauls of all equipment. Fabricated and modified equipment for specific research and production criteria.
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  • Educational Background
    1983 - 1988

    Extra-activity: Employed by the University Meat Lab. during School.

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