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    Jim Terry
    Jim Terry
    SENIOR EXECUTIVE • CEO • COO • ENTREPRENEUR • Industry Pioneer and Leader in Oil & Gas Industry • Inventor • Investor
    Houston, Texas
    LocationHouston, Texas
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    01/2006 - Present
    01/2006 - Present
    Jim B. Terry has served as President and Chief Executive Officer and Director of Particle Drilling Technologies, Inc. since January, 2006.Based in Houston, Texas, Particle Drilling Technologies, Inc. (PDTI) is an oilfield service and technology company that is developing an advanced drilling technology to be offered to the energy industry. PDTI was formed to commercialize its patented Particle Impact Drilling (PID) system that is designed to provide a radical increase in penetration rates for drilling oil and gas wells, particularly through deep hard and abrasive zones or other difficult-to-drill formations. The purpose of the system is to improve drilling efficiencies and significantly improve overall economics to the energy industry in regions around the world where slow drilling rates result in high costs to find and develop oil and gas reserves. PDTI's role in the energy industry is to dramatically improve drilling efficiency; thereby making new energy reserves economically available through a significant reduction in finding and development costs.
    01/1978 - 01/2006
    From January 2003 until September 2005, Mr. Terry served as Vice President, Drilling Services for Weatherford International, one of the largest global providers of innovative mechanical solutions, technology and services for the drilling and production sectors of the oil and gas industry, where he led the effort to consolidate, develop and improve the performance of well construction products and services by strategically aligning synergistic product lines in order to improve both their financial and operational performance.From 1994 until 2003, Mr. Terry was employed by Halliburton Company, the last three of those years as Director—Advanced Well Construction Systems where he was the lead inventor of a step change advanced well construction system. During this time, he was responsible for all phases of this project which included research and development, engineering, prototyping, field trials and commercialization. During his first six years at Halliburton, he served in various management capacities ranging from new product introduction to regional operations management. During this time he was responsible for, among other things, much of Halliburton’s consolidation effort following its acquisition of Smith International’s Drilling Services Division.Prior to joining Halliburton in 1994, Mr. Terry served as Regional Vice President for Smith International in Singapore. He was responsible for all of Smith’s activities in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and East Africa regions.Mr. Terry began his career at Eastman Whipstock in 1979 which was acquired by Baker Hughes in 1990. Following Baker Hughes’ acquisition of Eastman Whipstock in 1990, Mr. Terry joined Smith International.
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