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    Joel Segurola
    Joel Segurola
    Trustee at Global Genius Trust
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    01/2010 - Present
    Founder of the Global Genius Trust
    01/2008 - Present
    Human umbilical stem cell lab.
    01/1999 - 01/2010
    Prospecting in Ecuador and Peru.
    05/2000 - 01/2001
    Designing/coding VPN (Virtual Private Network) Concentrator Windows NT/2000/ME/98/95 client application and NDIS driver software.
    01/1998 - 10/1999
    Design and code Windows 2000 (NT 5.0) Fault-tolerant system. This system uses two Intel dual-Pentium II microprocessor with the 440BX chipset and two custom Xilinx FPGA's along with a series of modified device drivers for each of the peripherals (SCSI, Video, Network, Custom Power Management, 440BX, Diagnostics, etc.) and BIOS power management services adaptations. This system is basically two computers in one, when one fails the other one takes over in less than 100ms.
    06/1997 - 12/1997
    Program an ASAPI filter for Windows NT IIE 4.0 web server, this filter is used with a very large insurance company MS SQL 6.0 database. Program Active X controls and web interfaces.
    10/1996 - 05/1997
    Design and develop Windows NT firewall. The firewall has a client/server GUI interfaces that uses the Jet Engine database, several OCX/ActiveX control and a custom network driver. Design NDIS intermediate driver.
    01/1996 - 09/1996
    Design and develop Windows 95, Windows NT and UnixWare 2.1 256meg memory fiber-channel PCI card device driver, debug hardware, this card is used in a custom motherboard. Negotiate with several BIOS vendors and install BIOS in quad-Pentium-Pro motherboard, this motherboard has 10 PCI slots and 1gig memory, it is used in a dual-computer configuration for a 100 drive (400Gig) RAID system.
    06/1995 - 12/1995
    Work for the Solutions Developer Operations, (SDO), out of Austin, Texas. Do consulting to major Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) on behalf of IBM. Do porting analysis for ISVs Windows applications, analyzing of these applications require interviews with management, marketing and technical personnel. Once I had all necessary data available, I prepare thorough field reports for upper management. IBM management uses these reports for partnership negotiations with the ISVs. Senior Technical Advisor for the tools analysis and design team, this team effort consist of designing tools to port from Microsoft Windows 16bit C source code to Windows 32bit and OS/2 32bit API's. Other duties included teaching a one a month class on the use of the SMART tool, this a tool used for porting applications from Windows to OS/2. Tools used: Microsoft Visual C++ & SDK, IBM Visual Age, Borland C++, Hyperwise an HTML and document tool, SMART a porting tool.
    12/1994 - 06/1995
    Design and develop of Windows NT scanner GUI and SCSI PCI device driver. This is a very high end 24bit singlepass scanner used for aerial color film photography, this scanner creates images up to 2 gigabytes in size in less than 10 minutes and displays them in a 1600x1280 monitor in less than 10 seconds. Some of the features of this program are: 3.5 megabyte substained-data-tranfer, zoom down to one pixel, multi-threaded, RGB value display, XY value display, enough resources remain on NT platform allowing it to supply 3.5 megabytes per second via Netbios 100BaseT, while scanning another image at full speed.
    02/1994 - 01/1995
    Develop Windows NT Intel and DEC Alpha tape drive libraries and GUI data conversion software for DAT, 9Track, 3480, 3490, 3490e and other mainframe tape formats. To support IBM, ANSI, UNIX TAR, VMS, and many other Tape formats. This software convert from EBCDIC to ASCII, Packed Decimal, Zoned Decimal, Binary, Floating Point and many other numeric formats. Support many popular Xbase formats and many spreadsheet formats.
    08/1993 - 10/1994
    Designed a telephone security system used in large building complex, set up production line, aided in marketing and customer support, code in 80x86 assembler.
    05/1993 - 01/1994
    Implement several database client and server applications for Microsoft Windows using embedded SQL and Microsoft Visual C++ compiler. These applications all simultaneously connected to a TANDEM server and a remote OS/2 ORACLE server. These are a series of client-server applications used by several large companies such as National Semiconductors and Laura Ashley used to consolidate shipping from multiple locations world-wide. My work involved system analysis, data base design, program detail design, functional specifications design, program coding, unit testing and system testing.
    02/1993 - 05/1993
    Design and develop Microsoft Windows medical office accounting software. Design and develop Microsoft Windows automated installation program for Conner drives. Both are shrink-rap off-the-shelf applications. Tools used: Borland C++, Proto-View, Proto-Gen, Paradox C++ Engine, Microsoft C++, Paradox for Windows, Microsoft Access.
    01/1992 - 02/1993
    Analysis, design and development of a police and fire call dispatching 911 emergency service software. Administrative responsibilities included: Performing analysis of the software requirement, interface with management, marketing and technical personnel, generate status reports for upper management, managed a team of 26 engineers who implement the multi-server database application. Technical responsibility included: Software development, network design, selection of software tools, specify/purchase hardware and code reviews. All software done in OS/2 E.E. Presentation Manager and OS/2 Kernel level using C, SQL Database Manager, LU 6.2, APPC, HLLAPI..
    08/1991 - 12/1991
    Design an OS/2 E.E. Presentation Manager interactive multimedia (image storage and retrieval) application used for displaying billing document in hospitals (on a 1600 X 1200 resolution display monitor using Kofax image processing board) this system interfaces with a VAX using Pathworks. All software done in C++.
    06/1991 - 08/1991
    Design and develop OS/2 E.E. Presentation Manager interactive multimedia (image retrieval) application used for displaying catalog photo images (on a 1024 X 768 256 XVGA color display monitor) simultaneously with information relating to items on that catalog page. Make recommendation on compression algorithms and CD-ROM technology. This application is used by 400 merchandise buyers.
    09/1990 - 05/1991
    Develop two Super VGA 1024 X 768 256 Color video display driver for Microsoft Windows and OS/2 PM. Used the 640 X 480 256 Color video device driver example provided in the Device Driver Toolkit and change it to handle the NCR proprietary video controller chip, which has many more registers and features, for example a hardware cursor, 132 X 25 text mode, etc. For the Microsoft Windows driver; coded all the changes necessary to handle all the different text modes provided by the NCR chip, saving and restoring all the registers, allocating and saving the additional memory, also, provided all the necessary code to switch back and forth from a full screen to a window. The Windows drivers was all written in assembly and the OS/2 driver mostly in C. Create automatic test scenarios to exercise all the features of the video board and the NCR chipset. Create installation disk for drivers using the Official Adaptation Toolkit.Tools used: Microsoft Assembler, C compiler, DDK and OAK.
    03/1990 - 09/1990
    Designed portions of the OS/2 ImagePlus/2 system application interface, this is a paper-less office document management software application. This application uses the OS/2 Presentation Manager, Communication Manager and SQL Database Manager extensively.
    04/1987 - 07/1988
    Perform a design analysis, this included interfacing with several communications groups within Motorola, design team and marketing group, later document the design and develop an automated diagnostics system for a series of hand-held portable radio computers used by Federal Express and IBM.
    02/1987 - 04/1987
    Do a cost analysis of all communications equipment and services used. Advise in cost cutting methods, purchase and install $750,000 of new communication equipment.
    07/1986 - 02/1987
    Develop an automated diagnostic system for DOS and OS/2 operating system, prepare schedules and performance reports for management.
    02/1986 - 07/1986
    Develop automated programs to diagnose problems in Token-Ring cards used in IBM PC's.
    07/1981 - 02/1986
    Marmon Telephone Network a division of Marmon Group - Provided engineering support to a group of engineers who performed installation, training, maintenance and emergency service of very large EPABX's, data-networks and long distance call accounting systems. Responsible for over eighty five customer installations throughout the USA.
    11/1984 - 07/1985
    Design hardware for a 100Mhz dynamic memory analyzer used in the production of memory chips, code application using 80x86 assembler and C.
    12/1981 - 08/1983
    Design, develop and market an automated remote control telephone systems used throughout a house to control electrical appliances. i.e. lights, pumps, air-conditioning, heating, etc.
    03/1980 - 12/1981
    Research technology for automatic blood diagnostic equipment, later designed/develops such equipment.
    04/1978 - 01/1980
    Directed the installation of complex automated computer controlled machinery for newspaper plants. Also aided manufacturing, sales and marketing in the process of custom making and selling these systems that cost up to $4,000,000 dollars. This system all used PDP8 and PDP11 Digital computers.
    01/1976 - 04/1978
    TV and radio communication equipment repair. FCC commercial licensed operator.
    01/1974 - 12/1976
    My apprenticeship job was to do the work of anyone that did not show up that day to work, this included: fashion designer, secretary, accountant, production manager, receiving department, shipping department, sales, marketing, guest reception. I learned a lot about how to run a business.
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