• General Summary
    John Trobough
    John Trobough
    President at Narus
    San Francisco-Silicon Valley, États-Unis
    LocationSan Francisco-Silicon Valley, États-Unis
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  • Biography
    Dynamic leader with domestic and international experience, combining vision for extending next generation applications & technologies into the market or turning around businesses with operational expertise. Ability to attract and build management...
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  • Professional Experience
    10/2012 - Present
    Narus, an independent subsidiary of The Boeing Company ( NYSE : BA ), is a pioneer in cybersecurity and is one of the first companies to apply patented advanced analytics to proactively identify cyber threats from insiders and outside intruders. The innovative Narus nSystem of products and applications is based on the principles of Cyber 3.0, where the semantic Web and cyber intersect. Using incisive intelligence culled from big data analytics, Narus nSystem identifies, predicts and characterizes the most advanced security threats, empowering organizations to better protect their critical assets. Narus counts governments, carriers and enterprises around the world among its growing customer base. The company is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, in Sunnyvale, Calif.
    01/2009 - Present
    07/2009 - 04/2012
    Teleca is a world-leading supplier of software services to the mobile device communications industry. We offer world class operations and execution capability, both on-site and offshore. Using tailored solutions, systems design, integration and testing we help drive down development time and costs for leading industry players. Teleca has about 2,000 employees in 10 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.
    05/2007 - 07/2009
    Global telecom VOIP software company providing products to Wireless and Wireline Carriers, former Officer & member of Executive Management team.
    02/2001 - 03/2007
    Global telecom Mobile software leader providing products to Wireless and Broadband Carriers.
    01/1999 - 01/2001
    Co - Founded a global wireless software company in the commercial location technology middleware space. Focused on wireless carrier customers in Asia, including, DoCoMo, KDDI, SKT
    01/1998 - 01/2000
    Early employee of consumer services division responsible for new channels and strategic sales partnerships
    01/1992 - 01/1998
    Worked in National Retail Organization, responsible for national retailers & mobile handset procurement
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  • Educational Background
    1988 - 1993

    Extra-activity: Phi Delta Theta, WSU Soccer & Lacrosse Teams

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  • Milestones

    Sylantro Systems - Von Magazine Innovator of the Year 2008 & TMC Labs Innovator of the Year 2008

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