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  • Professional Experience
    01/2003 - 08/2008
    - Part leader for electronic system level (ESL) design
    • Developed a real-time speed and function-accurate ESL design for a handset that is used for developing a phone software a priori to the availability of phone hardware
    • Designed a multi-processor SoC (MPSoC) architecture for Samsung next generation terminal modem whose target data transfer rates are more than several hundred Mbps for downlink and 50 Mbps for uplink
    • Designed SoC architectures for 3GPP LTE and CDMA2000 1x EV-DO
    • Developed a verification framework that verifies a transaction level model against its corresponding register transfer level model even though two models have cycle differences in timing behavior.
    • Developed a design flow for low power architecture design and management and applied to several SoCs
    • Jointly developed an ESL power analysis flow with Sequence Design Inc., USA
    • Managed front-end engineers whose tasks include logic synthesis, design-for-testability, and static timing analysis.
    Faculty at the department of Computer Engineering
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