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    Julianne Fox
    Julianne Fox
    Principal Scientist, Human Factors and Founder at Decision Speed Inc.
    San Francisco Bay
    LocationSan Francisco Bay
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  • Professional Experience
    03/2011 - Present
    Provides human factors consultation with a focus upon human visual and auditory perception, cognition, attention, decision-making, memory, and learning. My work includes the scientific study of the effects of stress, inattention and distraction, workload, training, risk perception, vision, fatigue, and age on human performance, including reaction time. Retained as testifying expert witness (human factors and aviation).Retained by the institutional investment community to assist in their due diligence process when assessing investment opportunities.Diverse experience working across numerous industries (e.g., aviation, petrochemical/chemical, energy/utilities, mining, cranes, warehousing, agriculture, automotive, information technology).Recent PresentationsFox, JM. Accidents Happen: Safety-Related Considerations When Designing Human Interfaces. Augmented Reality Event 2012, Santa Clara, CA, May 8, 2012.Fox, JM. Conflict in the Process: Accident Investigation. Embry Riddle University & ALPA Education Committee, Daytona, FL, January 25, 2012.Ross B, Cummings JF. HEMS CFIT Accident: Crash of Eurocopter EC135 into the Potomac River. Stanford University, Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics , Palo Alto, CA, May 20, 2011.
    03/2007 - 04/2011
    Provides technical consultation focused on human perception and performance, attention and workload issues as applied to design and evaluation of interfaces for complex systems, such as those found in manufacturing, processing, and transportation environments. Retained as testifying expert witness (human factors and aviation).Diverse experience working across numerous industries (e.g., aviation, petrochemical/chemical, energy/utilities, mining, cranes, warehousing, agriculture, automotive, information technology).Recent Publications and PresentationsRoss B, Cummings JF. HEMS CFIT accident: Crash of Eurocopter EC135 into Potomac River. Stanford University, Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics , Palo Alto, CA, May 21, 2010.Cummings J F, Le Guillou V, Levasseur R, Shupe D. The criminalization of events in aviation safety. Invited Speaker, 40th Annual International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) International Seminar, Orlando, FL, September 2009. Hammack J, Cummings J F, Crane J. The 787 vertical situation display human factors evaluation: Enhancements to flight path awareness. International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Wright State University, Dayton, OH, 2009.Fox J. The role of a human factors scientist in aviation. Skywritings 2008; 14–17, Spring.
    02/2005 - 02/2007
    Launched New Corporation to Provide Consulting Services to the Aerospace IndustryFour back-to-back contracts with Fortune 50 client – under contract 100% of the timeConsulting Services: Flight Deck Instrumentation for Commercial Airplanes - Interface design, validation and human factors assessment Supply Chain Management - Customer-facing strategy - Metric development - Lean tool deployment – Value Stream Mapping - Operational diagram development Project Management
    08/1999 - 02/2005
    Managed staff– responsible for interviewing, hiring, training, performance reviews, and promotionsDeveloped and managed budget– responsible for budget development, monthly forecasting and reporting performance against planPlanned, directed, and coordinated work flow Managed the development and delivery of training to managers, supervisors, union leadership, hourly and salaried personnel – 700+ employees trained with plan in place to train 5000+ employees system-wideIntroduced Lean to United, received executive (including C-Level) management approval to proceed, launched and managed new organization and led the rollout of Lean within the Maintenance & Engineering division. Lean has since become an enterprise-wide endeavor.Delivered an In Flight Entertainment strategy resulting in the development and submittal of an RFP for a solution that would enable broadband connectivity on board commercial aircraftLed United's technical team as Program Manager during the $2B joint venture initiative to enable a bi-directional broadband solution alongside Boeing, American Airlines and Delta AirlinesPresentationsFox J. Lean introduction, Invited Speaker, United Airlines Board of Director Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 2004.Fox J. The dashboard process, Invited Speaker, The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA, 2002.Fox J. Boeing e-business summit, Invited Speaker, The Boeing Company (Museum of Flight), Seattle, WA, 1999.
    10/1996 - 07/1999
    Avionics Design & Human Factors Assessment for Boeing ProductsResponsible for display format design, aircraft systems engineering, algorithm development and systems integrationDesigned/conducted HF experiments to test concept viability & pilot performance Analyzed experiment data, presented results and recommendations Flew as first officer in Boeing simulators during concept validation testing - alongside airline, FAA & Boeing pilotsAnalyzed and reviewed safety database & Fault Mode Effects AnalysisIdentified cross model FAA/JAA/DGAC certification criteria and supported the development of certification plansAuthored technical specification documents Supported supplier selection process and worked closely with the suppliers during product development Provided in-service avionics operational support (e.g. anomaly resolution and dispatch relief)
    01/1993 - 01/1996
    Flight Instructor at the Institute of Aviation - responsible for teaching students to fly in a Part 141 school
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  • Educational Background
    1994 - 1996

    Selected PublicationsMerwin J. The influence of peripheral flight instrument information on pilot scan strategies and flight performance. Masters Thesis, Urbana, IL, 1999. Fox J, Merwin D, Kramer A. Information extraction during instrument flight: An evaluation of the eye mind hypothesis. Proceedings, 40th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors Society, Santa Monica, CA, 1996.Fox J, Fadden S, Konrad C, Marsh R, Merwin D, Sochacki J, Sohn Y, Tham M, Wickens C, Lintern G, Kramer A, Doane S. Modeling pilot scanning behavior: Strategies and expertise. Proceedings of the 8th Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Department of Aviation, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 1995. Kramer A, Tham M, Konrad C, Wickens C, Lintern G, Marsh R, Fox J, Merwin D. Instrument scan and pilot expertise. Proceedings, 38th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors Society, Santa Monica, CA, 1994.

    Extra-activity: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (member)

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