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  • Biography
    I have lots of both professional and informal experience in the non-profit management sector for someone my age. My short term goal is to secure a coordinator or assistant level position with a community organization, educational institution...
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  • Professional Experience
    01/2008 - 01/2009
    -Served as third in command working to organize a festival drawing 15,000 attendees to 65 film events and numerous parties over a ten-day period.
    -Researched and chased over 600 films for consideration in the festival.
    -Wrote copy for correspondence with filmmakers, festival programmers, distributors, producers and sponsors and
    oversaw all communications with them.
    -Wrote copy for and served as primary copy editor of 80-page festival program.
    -Maintained three databases containing over 800 unique entries, organized mailings, and corresponded with members
    -Coordinated logistics for over 60 guests and volunteers, managed them for the duration of the 10 day festival working
    14 hour plus days.
    - Approached and obtained sponsors, wrote grant proposals.
    01/2006 - 01/2007
    -Researched, organized and advertised the Human Rights Project (HRP) lecture series. Activities ranged from writing
    press releases and newspaper articles to arranging for guest accommodations for over 40 guests throughout the year.
    -Provided research assistance to the Director on a range of issues, academic and logistic.
    -Organized HRP events for students, staff, faculty and visitors.
    -Served as well-known and respected liaison among students, the project Director, faculty and the college administration
    concerning campus problems both political and academic.
    -Performed various administrative tasks running the HRP office.
  • Educational Background
    2002 - 2006

    Recipient of Reamer Kline Award, 2006

    Award recognizes undergraduates who commit extraordinarily to enriching the college’s academics, political activism and
    service to communities.

    Extra-activity: Activities and Societies:Student Government Representative, '03-'04
    Student Action Collective member, '02-'06
    Students for a Free Palestine founder and member, '02-'06
    Free Press news and opinions contributor, '02-'06

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