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    Kalis Naidu
    Kalis Naidu
    Entry Level Software Engineer
    Providence, Rhode Island
    LocationProvidence, Rhode Island
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    Present Technical Certifications / Current Experience and Knowledge: ? Oracle Database 10g Database Administration ? Oracle Database 10g SQL Expert ? Comp TIA Project+ ? Comp TIA Network+ ? Comp TIA Security + ? Comp TIA A+ and IT Technician...
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  • Professional Experience
    06/2000 - 04/2003
    To lead group of Q.A Inspector, Supervisor, Engineer to ensure incoming material meets specification Handling ISO9002, QS 9000 INTERNAL AUDITS Direct involvement with Xerox (US-based customer) to set up production for printers in Malaysia. Direct involvement with Easy tee (UK-based customer) to set up Pareto project of Seoul Nassau, in Malaysia Coordinate with planning dept, delivery and quality assurance team for finished goods. Select product for test at specified stages in production process & test for variety of qualities such dimension, performance and friction characteristics. Compare product with Drawing or Sample model to ensure completion of finished product Other responsibilities included: Creating document templates, test matrices, test development plans for new products during the design phase, defining new test fixture design specifications for the entire company, specifying electrical and RF interfaces and proposed solutions to existing problems. Also coordinated and supported product testing during pre-production and factory introduction builds of new products. Organized, planned, commissioned and maintained production lines. Improved existing operations, incorporating new methods and processes. Handled equipment purchase and installation.
    01/1997 - 11/1999
    ? Lead group of Q.A inspector to ensure incoming material meets specification. ? Involved mainly in mechanical parts like metal chassis, screws plastic parts, wires etc. ? Verify specified dimension of products or material. ? Interpret engineering drawings, diagram and confer with management or engineering staff to determine quality and reliability standards. ? Direct and coordinates with Team members involved in quality check of parts, components, material produced by subcontractors & manufacturing process. ? Conduct periodic and special reports regarding department activities, problems faced, vendors, quality system, scheduled and rejected items. ? Confirm that plant audit procedures are properly carried out and assume other duties and responsibilities as requested or assigned.
  • Educational Background
    2008 - 2010

    Specialize on - Networks Design and Management Emphasis

    1993 - 1995

    Studies on Profit and Lost Analysis Business Accounting Marketing Strategy

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