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    Karen Becker
    Karen Becker
    Sr. Director, Brand & Web Engagement at Autodesk
    San Francisco Bay
    LocationSan Francisco Bay
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    Over 20 years leadership experience in brand strategy development, strategic communications, advertising, media and campaigns. Proven experience in driving web development and strategic web marketing initiatives to increase revenue and improve...
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  • Professional Experience
    02/2012 - Present
    Lead global team of 70 marketing professionals to drive content and marketing strategy for corporate websites; site architecture, UI and design, search strategy and optimization; corporate brand strategy and execution
    01/2010 - Present
    Lead strategic global web initiatives for corporate and country sites including web development, roadmapping features/functionality, UI design, localization and production. Drive web marketing strategies and implement plans to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty. Manage team of 41 staff in US, Canada, Europe and Asia.
    07/2004 - 01/2010
    Reporting to the CMO, drove marketing strategy,planning and development for global campaigns in support of brand and revenue goals Directed annual launch of 80 products globally and oversaw development and delivery of supporting marketing materials Member of Marketing Core team which governed corporate marketing strategy Manage team of 25 in US, Europe and Asia
    07/2004 - 09/2007
    Built organization to drive company brand initiatives in support of $2B sales. Reported to CEO staff member - managed team of 20 -Drove development of Corporate Thought Leadership initiative around Sustainable Design to begin to establish Autodesk as an Important Company. - Developed go to market strategy for emerging countries. Established framework, brand strategy, and execution plan. -Led cross-company task force to institutionalize development, publishing, and training for corporate, industry and product messaging. Developed global, multi-language, web-based messaging delivery mechanism to drive consistency in usage - Led pan-European PR campaign to support product launch, delivered 45% increase in press attendance and 30% increase in coverage - Led development of marketing strategy to address the Federal Government business opportunity, including product solutions, PR, web presence, and marketing campaigns to drive leads. Drove 200% increase in press coverage.
    12/1997 - 12/2002
    - Created and executed global brand strategies to strengthen corporate reputation and to better establish Sun as a leading network computing company; drove an increase in brand awareness from 3% to 24% worldwide over 4 years. - Directed global media consolidation effort that increased cost efficiencies and centralized buying worldwide, realizing $4.5M savings in first year. - Directed Global advertising strategy, creative and media; managed $100M in broadcast, print and online spend WW, managed multiple agency resources and team of 8 -Created/executed global sponsorship programs including McLaren Formula One, Sprint International Golf Tournament, Par3 Golf Challenge, Specialized Bikes team
    10/1996 - 09/1997
    -Directed global creative and media strategy and events management for database software leader - Managed and implemented $10M media spend -Developed comprehensive partner advertising program -Developed messaging and product positioning across markets for multiple customer sets. - Oversaw marketing research
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