• General Summary
    Kari Mazanec-Langerman
    Kari Mazanec-Langerman
    Director, Expositions & Meetings at Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America
    Washington D.C. (agglomération), États-Unis
    LocationWashington D.C. (agglomération), États-Unis
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  • Professional Experience
    06/2012 - Present
    10/2003 - 06/2005
    Key player in coordinating all planning stages of ARDA's Awards program as well as with the planning of five annual regional meetings and ARDA's annual convention with over 3,500 attendees; gained experience in logistics, planning and organizing committee meetings, designing print material and databases, contacting and recruiting speakers, managing events on-site and managing correspondence between ARDA and speakers, awards nominators, and committee members.
    Assisted with hotel contract negotiations, traveled to sites and coordinated onsite with hotel personnel
    Created evaluations for Annual convention and regional meetings; Analyzed results following meetings
    Oversaw the Ambassador volunteer program at the Annual Convention
    Coordinated rehearsal schedule, transportation, and hotel stay with entertainment
    Created agendas, took notes, and wrote minutes for committee meetings
    Assisted in writing Food and Beverage contracts; wrote bi-monthly articles for Developments magazine; Created electronic advertising/marketing for upcoming events;
    Assisted in writing and extensively proofreading event programs, brochures, and magazines
    Researched companies and gathered background materials and biographies on speakers
    09/2002 - 05/2003
    Designed interactive website using Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Dreamweaver promoting an initiative I assisted in designing and implementing in schools throughout the country; organized an evening event and Press Conference for the National Youth summit in California and developed marketing proposals for new campaigns. Created and compiled media kits, wrote press releases and persuasive letters, wrote and edited biographies and other informative papers, researched endowments and potential partners
    Manager of the WSWA Annual Convention, CLD Leadership Development Conference, Fall Board Meeting, Advisory Council Meetings and Executive Committee Meeting; Generate leads on hotels, restaurants and various events venues; Sell exhibit space; Arrange all logistics for exhibitors and hospitality suites; Organize Opening Night Receptions, dinners and other social events at all meetings and the convention.
    Attend site-visits, meet with hotel representatives and select venues for meetings and events
    Develop and sustain relationships with a diverse client base including 160 exhibiting companies and 140 Hospitality Suite holders for the WSWA convention
    Successfully developed and executed the 1st Annual Wine and Spirits Tasting Competition at the 2009 Annual Convention; Work closely with outside vendors to develop convention and meeting marketing materials
    Coordinate and ensure all exhibitors and hospitality suite holders products arrive at convention on time and help International companies products pass through customs without delay
    Update database, produce spreadsheets tracking information regarding exhibitors and hospitality suite holders, maintain and revise convention and meetings budgets, create online surveys, maintain meetings and conventions website pages, write weekly e-news letter article on meetings & conventions emailed to all WSWA Membership
    Obtain, edit and negotiate hotel, vendor, restaurant and other event venue contracts
    Arrange all travel for Department
    Oversee and delegate tasks to department Coordinator and Intern
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  • Educational Background
    1999 - 2003

    Extra-activity: Sigma Kappa, College Republicans


    2009)Attended Seminars to further my development in Meeting and Events Planning; Took 2 courses and passed exams towards my CEM designation; classes to further my knowledge in Events Management; Working towards obtaining my CMP designation.

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