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    Kevin Galalae
    Kevin Galalae
    Founder & Leader at OM (Our Mind) THE VOICE AND WILL OF THE 99%
    Kitchener, Canada
    LocationKitchener, Canada
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    01/2012 - Present
    OM (Our Mind) is the socio-political sentiment of the 99% expressed in 15 simple principles that seek to transform the world by uniting mankind under a humane system of governance and save human civilization from global autocracy, the ideology of greed and environmental catastrophe.
    12/2011 - Present
    The PEOPLE’S PROTECTION COURT is a legal organization that protects individuals from state abuse and safeguards the principles of justice.
    11/2009 - Present
    Freedom in Education.Org is a non-profit and non-governmental organization concerned with safeguarding freedom of expression and thought in education and with the de-politicization of intellectual discourse.http://freedom-in-education.org
    08/2003 - Present
    The word is mightier than the sword and that is how we wield it, whether to win battles, clients or hearts. We will find the right words when you can’t and the best strategy when you are lost; be it for research, litigation, love, business, marketing or just plain communication. Discretion, precision and speed are our hallmarks. To disarm or persuade, awe or wow, let us be your voice and they will listen and believe. Sound arguments and well-crafted sentences always carry the day.http://literati-language.com
    01/1995 - 01/2011
    Perform appraisals, authentication and provenance services for high-value cultural property assets in Europe, Asia, and North America. Offer valuation and consulting services for insurance purposes to determine current replacement value and actual cash values; substantiated limits of insurability; quantified depreciating factors; and residual values to collectors in Germany, Canada, and Hong Kong. Steer the sales and negotiations of original 14th to 17th century Italian and Flemish paintings, drawings, and sculptures for a diverse clientele. Support individualized requests to import/export high-value artifacts and artwork, as well as research unauthenticated artwork origins.
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