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    Kris Abbott
    Kris Abbott
    Indie musician, project manager
    Ontario, Canada
    LocationOntario, Canada
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    01/2005 - Present
    Kris and Dee are Kris Abbott, guitarist and vocalist for indie hall-of-famers The Pursuit of Happiness, and Dee McNeil, bassist and vocalist for the alt-indie band The Strap-Ons.In May 2011, this indie folk/pop group released their debut album, Still Here Inside, from their new home in Kingston, Ontario. Having traded in their electric guitars for acoustic and a place in the city for one on the shores of Lake Ontario, the duo have found their creative voice, one that resides easily and authentically in the folk/pop spectrum.The album, produced by Abbott, represents a long-anticipated follow-up to the guitarist’s work with TPOH, but the deep influence that Abbott’s formative roots in folk music have had on its sound may come as a surprise to many.Like life on the water, sometimes serene and sometimes stormy, Kris and Dee transform the intimacy and vulnerability of folk into soaring pop anthems, one life story at a time.Kris (guitar/vocals) and Dee (vocals/guitar) are joined by regular band members Anna Rees on drums and Wil McGonegal on bass.
    07/2007 - 07/2010
    With diligent work ethics and discipline following a 5 year role as technical manager, I was given the opportunity to work remotely upon my move to Kingston Ontario Canada. In my remote role and responsibility, I moved into a more specialized area of client and technical relations. The role involved the project management and coordindation of data migrations from our legacy db system to new product, management of the custom SQL database conversions, customer service and a wide variety of client related technical support. With project planning I increased the number of simultaneous conversions by 600% percent. During that time I was also repsonsible for hiring and conducting the technical training and documentation of this project. I also was a member of the network infrastructure team supporting both our client services and company corporate network. My wide range of skills were called upon for consultation and specialized problem solving.Remote communication skills, independance, accountability, time management, documentation and technical skills were critical in this position. Also notable was the use of creativity in order to keep virtual training both accountable and engaging.
    06/2008 - 06/2008
    I was a guest lecturer and performer during a conference held by Queens University on the topic of Instinct. The conference was held at the home of the acclaimed Profossor Dr. John Meisel attended by 14 doctors, professors, physciatrists, philosophers from around the world. Participation on my part included my experience in the arts, my transition to business and how I use instinct.
    09/2007 - 09/2007
    Skills Link Project for "Youth with Multiple Barriers to Employment."This project was different from most Skills Link Projects as it did not have a work placement component. Most participants are 50% Life skills and 50% work experience.This project was all life skills, pre-employment readiness etc, for kids who may not be able to handle work pressure yet ( I.E. most barriered). There were four modules of 4 weeks each. Exploration of Self, Self in Relation to Community, Exploring Options for Growth, Creating a Vocational Path. I was invited as a guest speaker because I have succeeded in the world of work but had not taken the traditional straight path promoted by school and parents.My volunteer presentation was not only an inspirational experience for the kids but a hugely impactful experience for myself.
    07/2002 - 06/2007
    I held a 5 year role as the Technical Manager for Toronto-based global software development company Mindscope, dealing with large international and small HR/Recruitment companies. This included spearheading many projects including design, scope, goal setting, performance tracking and monitoring of services. I believe in a consultative and collaborative leadership style with a focus on motivating and inspiring team members. In efforts to foster motivation and creative thinking, I orchestrated the first ever Technical 2006 Awards ceremony using a parallel of the OSI model with levels of team membership required to run the technical department. (OSI modlel is an abstract description for the 7 layered communications of network architecture.) The event involved an inspirational evening of fun with an audio visual presentation to commemorate the contributions of employees to the technical department while setting future goals.
    01/1987 - 01/2002
    I was a principal member, guitarist and backup vocalist in the international recording artist group The Pursuit of Happiness. Signed internationally to American Mercury and Crysalis records, we were also early leaders of Independant music and left behind a legacy of pop rock gold and platinum selling records with formative contributions to what was to become Alternative music. On the surface, images of a hectic touring lifestyle may come to mind but behind the scene were years of dedication, strict scheduling, budgeting, communication and accountability to public profile. I think that this has been a key contribution to my overall skills.
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  • Educational Background
    2001 - 2002

    As liaison between students and college Director, I exercised a neutral role in communicating issues between both parties and achieved amicable resolutions to issues brought up by the student body.

    Extra-activity: Student representative

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