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  • Professional Experience
    Conducted preliminary investigations of the defendant’s alleged crimes or offenses.
    Prepared and submitted written reports and recommendations, including revocation of probation if necessary.
    Performed fieldwork, which included home, work, school visits to individuals under investigation or supervision.
    Provided intake service to determine the necessity for court intervention.
    Detained or took into custody defendants wanted by law enforcement agencies.
    Provided intensive supervision to probationers who were at serious risk of recidivism.
    Prepared Violation of Probation reports for the courts.
    Supported Vice President on meetings and conferences.
    Created voice mail, computer, software and supply accounts for all new employees.
    Drafted reports and preformed data entry by using Excel, to maintain departmental expenses updated.
    Responded to different user requests pertaining to software, voice mail, equipment supplies and conference room telecommunications.
    Performed the daily compilation input and retrieval of individual reports from Surveillance Detection team members in a standard format, including the input of SD sighting reports and images into an automated data processing database.
    Regularly retrieved reports of data to identify trends, patterns, events occurrences, frequency of sightings, and preparing appropriate reports of suspected terrorists for the Regional Security Officer’s review.
    Provided the RSO, PSO, or SD Coordinator a daily report on analyzed SD data, highlighting trends or suspicious activity identified.
    Conducted vehicle and foot surveillance using surveillance-recording devices in order to collect evidence.
    Interviewed, investigated and determined the adult’s and family’s temporary housing eligibility.
    Reviewed Welfare Management System and HRA reports to establish the family’ financial circumstances and/or benefit entitlements.
    Prepared reports and made recommendations to management regarding the appropriate actions to be taken based on my investigative findings.
    Prepared written statistical reports utilizing various computer systems to assist in the processing of investigations.
    Interpreted public assistance and housing eligibility requirements.
    Responded to investors inquiries regarding banking services.
    Drafted reports and preformed data entry by using Excel, to maintain departmental expenses updated by using the TEMS software.
    Updated and managed banker’s daily agenda.
    Made travel arrangements for Vice-Presidents and Managing directors.
    Participated in outings and other events to assist Vice-Presidents and Managing Directors in event needs.
    Introduced to new technology on a monthly basis.
    Assisted Associates, Vice-Presidents and Managing Directors with clerical duties.
    Updated banker’s calendar.
    Processed monthly expenses
    Answered multiple phone lines as turret operator.
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  • Educational Background
    1995 - 2003

    Extra-activity: Dominican Students Asociation,

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