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    Lucian Bucur
    Lucian Bucur
    Information Management Analyst la Freelancer
    Constantza County, Romania
    LocationConstantza County, Romania
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    01/2012 - Present
    CAD Software Packages
    05/2008 - Present
    Specialized in AUTOCAD and TRIBON M3 drawings having the following responsibilities: -preparing the assembly and documentation for hull structures; -preparing the cutting information (panels, internal pieces, profiles, bending profiles, beveling margins); -coordination of the structural drawings with outfitting and piping; documentation for diferent kind of vessels; -transforming the client drawings for the hull into construction drawings according many specifications and shipyard technologies by making seam adjustments for lower prices on materials and predefined raw material formats, positioning each component, sub assembly, assembly and unit assembly, structure integrity checking, D.A.P. (detailed assembly procedure) corectness of the assembly stages checking, modeling all parts in concordance with internal standards, plates nesting and programs for cutting machines, enactment of bending documentation for curved or bended pieces; -elaborate purchase order request for buying necessary plates and profiles; -all information needed for assembly up to erection stagepieces nesting on standard and non standard format plates; -added improvement for helping production; -technical assistance to all division and subcontractors; -Site surveys with report patrol; -Making POR,BOM. -Inspections.Projects: 1.Project 4071(Hull): The vessel has the following dimensions, Total Lenght(m) 286,5 Width(m) 40, Height(m) 24,2 Draft 4.380 TEU 2.Project 4070(Hull):The vessel has the following dimensions Total Lenght(m) 286,5 Width(m) 40 Height(m) 24,2 Draft 4380 TEU 3.Project 1046 (Hull): The vessel has the following dimensions Vessel type:Bulk carrier Classification Bureau Veritas Deadweight 180,000 DWT Speed 15.4 knots Length overall 292.0 m Breadth 45.0 m Main engine B&W 6S70MC-C Depth 24.7m Scantling Draft 18.2 m 4.Project 4069(Hull) The vessel has the following dimensions Total length(m) 272 Width(m) 40 Height(m) 24,2 Draft 5560 TEU
    09/2005 - 07/2006
    08/2004 - 08/2005
    09/2003 - 08/2004
    12/2002 - 08/2003
    Real estate
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  • Educational Background
    1992 - 1996
    1992 - 1996


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