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    Mariette Hoitink
    Mariette Hoitink
    Owner/Founder/Managing Director HTNK Fashion recruitment & consultancy
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Place of birthNijmegen, Netherlands
    LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
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    10/2012 - Present
    In 1997, Mariette Hoitink founded HTNK, Amsterdam’s premier fashion recruitment and consultancy agency, that mediates between fashion professionals and clients of the likes of Viktor & Rolf, Adidas NEO, G-Star, Scotch & Soda, Bestseller Group, Diesel, Karl Lagerfeld, Levi’s, and C&A on a global scale.NL Fashion IncubatorNext to its core business, HTNK commits this experience, network and knowledge to the NL Fashion Incubator foundation, which supports unique Dutch design talents, spotlights Dutch fashion abroad, and aims to contribute to the development of the Dutch fashion industry as a whole.ProjectsProjects such as DUTCH FASHION HERE & NOW China, India and Turkey, Onedayshop, Lichting supported by G-Star RAW and Red Light Fashion Amsterdam, a project where the best Dutch fashion talents were given housing/working space in the heart of the Red Light District as part of a turnaround of this area, led to the international acclaim of HTNK’s central role in the fashion industry. HTNK functions as a matchmaker, mediator, initiator, stimulator, and connector. Present positionsToday, Mariette Hoitink is still Managing Director of HTNK and is a member of the advisory boards of various Dutch educational institutions, and of selection committees supporting fashion talent. She is also the ambassador for Woolmark for the Benelux countries.In addition, Mariette Hoitink is the fashion delegate for the creative industries in the economic development board in the Amsterdam area, and is one of the founders of House of Denim and the first Jean School in the world.THNK HTNK
    03/2012 - Present
    The Campaign for Wool aims to educate as many people as possible about the benefits and versatility of wool in fashion, furnishings and everyday life. This in turn, supports many small businesses and local farmers whose livelihoods depend on the wool industry.The Woolmark Company is the global authority on Merino.We undertake marketing campaigns and R&D within the global textile and fashion industries to drive demand and ensure consumers have a range of quality apparel to buy, enjoy and treasure.Inspiring designers to create exciting new collections that utilise the unique natural properties of wool. Collaborating with clothing manufacturers to help them develop, produce and market wool apparel. Educating the retail sector to showcase wool’s properties and demonstrate its sales potential to buyers and retailers. Motivating customers to discover, experience and enjoy the wonderful natural benefits of wool.
    01/2012 - Present
    DUTCH FASHION HERE & NOW aims to create awareness beyond borders of the Dutch fashion design identity - from academy to industry- by creating sustainable networks between Dutch fashion entrepreneurs and foreign countries with aspirational consumer markets and production facilitiesThe DUTCH FASHION HERE & NOW program features unique collaborations between top fashion professionals from India, China, Turkey and The Netherlands. The event- based program is commissioned by the Dutch government in order to bridge continents by facilitating knowledge exchange, inspiration, network & opportunity development.
    11/2011 - Present
    The House of Denim Project is an initiative to set up a platform for Craftsmanship & Sustainability for denim in Amsterdam.Mixing crafts education, entrepreneurship and knowledge development, we pursue the goal of solving 3 of the industry's ugly problems to make a 'brighter blue' : less water, less toxic materials and smarter ways to make a great product (including local production, re-use and clean alternatives)We are working towards a 4-part institute: (a) Jean School, first one in the world openend in september 2012 in Amsterdam - symbolised by the crossed pencil and needle - where students will be trained and inspired for a career in the denim industry, (b) Blue Lab, an R&D and knowledge center with its own master workshop - symbolised by a workman's apron - all geared towards solving problems relating to water, chemicals and recycling, will open medio 2013(c) Indigo Archive - represented by the indigo plant - a museum/gallery/archive/shop for all things related to high-quality denim and (d) the Denim Union - two looped belts - a network of denim lovers and brands.The 4 ElementsSchool - Archive - Lab - Network
    12/2010 - Present
    HTNK has a soft spot for Dutch fashion talent. Our NL Fashion Incubator foundation supports unique talent that deserves a spot in the fashion industry. We contribute to the backstage development of these talents by sharing our knowledge, skills and network. We would like to invite you to do the same. If you are interested in supporting talent by sharing knowledge, facilities, network or by other means, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to discuss possibilities. There are many ways to contribute, we can help to create a win-win situation for all involved parties.
    02/2010 - Present
    De Meesteropleiding Coupeur is een stichting met als doel het uitstervende ambacht van coupeur nieuw leven in te blazen en heeft geen winstoogmerk. De stichting werkt nauw samen met De Nederlandse Opera, Het Nationale Ballet, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Stage Entertainment, Het Internationaal Danstheater en de couturiers Mart Visser, Frans Molenaar, Jan Taminiau, Monique Collignon en Iris van Herpen.
    12/2007 - Present
    High-level fashion design in the Red Light district: the combination is a magnet for the international press. From Australia to the United States and Japan, articles appear all over the world about this intriguing mix in the historic area of Amsterdam. Take a walk there nowadays, and you can admire Dutch couture next doors to the well-known girls of pleasure. The Red Light district has also become an international hotspot for design tourists.RedLight Fashion Amsterdam embroiders on Turning Talent Into Business, in which 16 Dutch fashion talents spend two years being mentored towards professional entrepreneurship. The designers get business advice and take part in workshops together covering aspects like production, marketing, financial and juridical management.Turning Talent Into Business is an initiative of Syntens, Dutch Fashion Foundation, Arhnem Fashion Biennale and HTNK; fashion recruitment & consultancy agency. When the City of Amsterdam decided to loan a part of the window area to the creative industries for a period of one year, HTNK was asked to come up with a creative destination. HTNK made a selection with international ambitions of the most talented Dutch designers of the moment -of whom the larger part is enrolled in the Turning Talent Into Business program.RedLight Fashion Amsterdam gives an impression of the diversity and the strenght of the Dutch fashion identity. From the multidisciplinary Bas Kosters to the glamorous couture designer Jan Taminiau and the design streetwear from Daryl van Wouw: the offerings of RedLight Fashion Amsterdam are extremely varied and therefore also very Dutch. By working, living, exposing and inspiring together, focus are bundled to put Amsterdam on the international fashion map.The RedLight Fashion Amsterdam labels are sold at the CODE gallery store at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal 121 and at www.codegallerystore.com . Which brings you back to where it all began; turning fashion talent into business.
    01/1997 - Present
    Since 1997, HTNK is the one-stop-shop for everyone with ambitions in fashion; professionals looking for challenging job opportunities, companies looking for fashion talent and media and institutes looking for strategic insight in the industry.As our consultants have worked in every part of the fashion world – including design & styling, product management & buying, visual merchandising & sales, marketing & PR and general & brand management-, we know exactly how to match creativity with business and give it the outlet it deserves.HTNK consists of HTNK recruitment, HTNK consultancy, HTNK projects and the HTNK Talent Toolbox.HTNK is the (co)-initiator and project manager of Redlight Fashion Amsterdam, DUTCH FASHION HERE & NOW and Lichting supported by G-Star RAWTHNK HTNK
    01/1990 - 01/1992
    01/1988 - 01/1990
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