• General Summary
    Maya Nair
    Maya Nair
    Manager-HR & Administraton at Goltens Co. Ltd Dubai
    United Arab Emirates
    LocationUnited Arab Emirates
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  • Professional Experience
    07/2007 - Present
     Recruitment of employees at all levels of different nationalities, especially senior management and mid management level.Strategic , Planning & budgetary responsibilitiesDeveloping Personnel policy and procedures for Goltens.Organizing, updating, compiling and maintaining personnel files and records in a safe and confidential manner.Coordinating with the Quality department in executing Company’s Annual training plan.Handling employment & compliance with regulatory UAE & Dubai concerns, including visa applications and all other formalities.Ensuring personnel benefits packages, medical, travel and personnel insurance schemes are in compliance with Company practice and regularly updated. Responsible for Goltens Dubai facility maintenance & organizational, space planning including offices & employee accommodation. Recognizing and evaluating industry trends.Highlights: Streamlined the recruitment process for Dubai, Fujairah and ME satellites, and successfully recruited employees of different nationalities at all levels., Introduced and implemented systems especially on recruitment, induction, employee welfare, employee recreation, employee recognition etcInitiated valuable employee welfare/development programs to improve employee loyalty and retention.  Initiated structured mid-management and employee meetings, initiated and designed bimonthly internal newsletterEstablished a standard & uniform induction process of new employeesReviewed and revamped the HR & Admin related policies and procedures. Job rotation, Succession Planning and retraining of departmental staff resulting in enhanced efficiency.Researched and identified the root causes, and provided solutions for employee turnover in technical departments. Initiated softskill and leadership trainings to the employees across all levels.Within three months of joining Goltens, promoted from Asst Manager –HR to Manager –HR & Administration
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