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    Michael C. Bolden
    Michael C. Bolden
    Oil Trade Facilitator/Oil Trade/Refined Petroleum Products Facilitator/Oil Trade Intermediary/Marketing Strategy
    Greater Chicago
    LocationGreater Chicago
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    03/2005 - Present
    Our group works with petroleum product buyers and sellers to purchase or supply oil products. We are an intermediary house which finds the best refined oil product offers and sources for buyers. Cape Advisory actively seeks and vets oil product suppliers and sellers for buyers. We also work with sellers to find buyers which fit with their procedures and offers.Cape actively seeks suppliers and refineries which can provide refined petroleum products. We have buyers for every major type of refined product. We are based in the USA, and have buyers and sellers all over the world. We facilitate oil trade deals cleanly and transparently.
    01/2005 - Present
    The Marketspace group is a marketing strategy consultancy which helps businesses and organizations "own" or dominate spaces in a market. We do this through developing customer-centric and demand focused strategies and tactics which are highly actionable. Our clients locate and target pools (spaces) of highly profitable customers which they can serve better than their competitors. We help businesses reach the 20% of customers which supply 80% of their profits. The old paradigm is market segments; our new paradigm is marketspaces.We actively write white papers for businesses and organizations to enhance their credibility, drive traffic to their website, and act as marketing pieces for business development. Our white papers illuminate marketing and strategic issues facing all types of businesses. Our lead strategist, Michael Bolden, has been writing strategic marketing white papers for over a decade. These marketing white papers align business strategy with actionable revenue generating steps.
    06/2008 - 01/2011
    N Avenue is a boutique consultancy start-up which helps grow and explode revenue for businesses and companies through customer-centric and demand focus. We help our clients “own” marketspace and legally monopolize a given market niche. We locate our clients’ pools of highly profitable customers as opposed to the old paradigm of just targeting given market segments.N Avenue directs clients on how to target and reach the 20% of customers that supply the 80% of their profits. Our customer focused strategies are developed for actionable steps to grow business even in this difficult economy. We align business strategy with leveraging revenue driven customer pools.
    07/2005 - 09/2006
    Assisting in developing marketing programs for Accenture executives to target enterprise-wide technology clients. Conducting key due diligence for an e-marketing campaign including event sponsorship, white paper development & website hosting, and partnerships with universities. Working with a worldwide team of marketing specialists.
    02/2000 - 03/2005
    Conducted consulting studies and projects for various companies and entrepreneurs which involved business strategy formulation, enterprise-wide financial analysis, and tactical development. Evaluated industries to determine the financial impact and economic viability of various strategic tactics.·Performed market intelligence research and brand evaluation on CVS Pharmacy, Pier 1, and Home Depot for an Eastern U.S. investment firm. Examined inherent brand value propositions to determine their relative strength and validity. Evaluated impact that brand dimension and business value drivers had on economic viability of each chain. Gauged customer perception of the overall “buying experience” and illustrated each retailer’s core competence and overall store personality.Wrote and researched business evaluation for Hilton Hotels targeting multicultural travelers. Evaluated the economic impact of multi-cultural strategies and policies targeting Hispanic and African-American travelers. Recommended a variety of strategic and tactical steps to increase customer loyalty and wallet share among desired minority traveler groups. Created a set of financial metrics to monitor relative performance and success of initiatives targeting multi-cultural travelers. Metrics gauged economic impact within group segments and measurable financial results on the overall enterprise.
    05/1998 - 09/2000
    Worked within the following industries: energy (oil and gas), financial services, and consumer durables. Performed the following functions: project management, financial analysis, research, operational process development, and strategic analysis.Created metrics and key operational ratio ranges for a joint venture between Shell and Texaco (Equiva). Developed financial hurdle rates for various projects and assessed their economic values. Examined the financial and economic viability of various projects and on-going core and non-core operational activities. Trained and lead client personnel at all levels of the company in appropriate due diligence data gathering and monitoring key metrics.
    11/1995 - 04/1998
    Conducted preliminary due diligence to identify growth opportunities for a domestic beer company. Evaluated the domestic market which featured firms with entrenched brands in the marketplace. Recommended strategic practices led to further investigation of implementation possibilities within the company.
    01/1994 - 11/1995
    Conducted a comprehensive business analysis which evaluated DuPont’s Agra-Chemical Division and determined their business drivers on a region by region basis. Developed a regionalized business and strategic plan to address various investment and capital expenditure levels, service innovation strategy, product efficacy, and product pricing. Conducted financial sensitivity analysis to determine the economic value of the plan’s recommendation in terms of costs and its projected revenue streams.
    08/1988 - 05/1991
    Led a cross-functional team which was responsible for identifying and quantifying target variables for production scale-up of new process for next generation product. Met weekly roll output quantity and quality goals for all production deadlines.
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  • Educational Background
    1991 - 1993

    Extra-activity: Dean’s Honor ListDeloitte & Touché Management Consulting Challenge FinalistDean’s Challenge Award

    1983 - 1988

    Extra-activity: KZSU Radio Station Board of DirectorsNominations Commission

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