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    Michael Charles Bertsch
    Michael Charles Bertsch
    Bertsch Technologies of America LLC
    Sacramento, California
    LocationSacramento, California
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    02/2011 - Present
    Our mission is to create a uniquely American brand of new power with our, (SMT System). To achieve this, we are combining the American eye for design with the ability to manufacture an affordable quality turbine system that is uniquely safe, stealthy, and friendly to the environment. Power plants, windmill farms, and solar farms, that plague the US are obsolete. Ultimately, we will create a new line of subterranean turbine systems that will eventually compete with some of the most recognized forms of power such as; Ocean and Wind powered turbines, Solar power, Biomass, Natural gas and Coal. We stand by the philosophy that by offering the Subterranean Turbine Magnetic System that it will give Farmers, Cities, Government facilities and obscure powerless global regions a safer more pleasing renewable power.
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