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    Michael Pritchett
    Michael Pritchett
    COO at Leopard Capital LP
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    06/2010 - Present
    Leopard Capital manages private equity funds in frontier markets. We are a partnership of 18 former chief investment officers, bankers, consultants, economists, lawyers, and entrepreneurs, each with decades of experience and contacts across many developing countries. We believe in starting rather than following investment trends.In 2008 Leopard Capital launched Cambodia?s first multi-sector investment fund, Leopard Cambodia Fund, raising $34 million during the global financial crisis. Thus far the Fund has made eight investments in Cambodia?s banking, microfinance, brewing, seafood processing, telecoms, renewable energy, electricity distribution, and housing sectors. In the next year Leopard Capital will be launching three additional funds for Laos, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.For more information about Leopard Capital, please visit our website, www.leopardcapital.com
    03/2009 - Present
    In March 2009 Michael partnered with Surin Janpian, who is a retired member of the Thai military, to explore opportunities in mining and real estate, among others, in the frontier regions of Thailand. Recently, Michael completed the construction of a factory which produces premium grade restaurant charcoal destined for high end markets in Japan and Korea. Michael discovered the opportunity, raised the financing, and implemented the project from beginning to end. All capital expenditures should be recovered within less than one year.
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