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    Milla Thompson
    Milla Thompson
    Project Manager at Encorium Oy/Ltd
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    01/2009 - Present
    Encorium Oy/Ltd is a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. As a Project Manager, I have overall responsibility of the project and the project team, for us together to deliver high quality clinical trials to our clients, on time and within budget. At Encorium, in addition to Project Manager work, I have been fortunate to gain experience on CRA and lead CRA work, as well as to participate on SOP Team. All these helping me to better understand and use the tools needed for successful trial management. As with running pharmacogenetic components in support of clinical trials, I once again have found myself truly enjoying my job.
    11/2007 - 12/2008
    Acted as a liaison between clients and corporate in coordination of Pharmacogenomic projects for multiple pharmaceutical companies, educational corporations, as well as government agencies in support of clinical trials and clinical diagnostics. *Managed pharmacogenetic laboratory procedures and techniques incorporating components of Good Clinical Practices (GCP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as well as clinical diagnostic services that are compliant with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulations. *Interpreted and delivered superior quality data for multiple client projects, ranging from nucleic acid extraction, bio-repository/bio banking, targeted genotyping and gene expression.
    03/2001 - 01/2002
    Part time QA Manager at smaller Contract Research Organization providing laboratory services for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, and health care industries with proof-of-concept, pre-clinical, clinical, and toxicology studies. - Ensured that high quality of work was generated according to regulatory standards;- Performed audits on Regulatory immunotoxicology/Immunotoxicity Testing, animal facility audits, involved in Host Resistance/Infectious Disease Models for Immunotoxicity or Efficacy testing;- Assisted in the design and execution of GLP/GCP training for laboratory workers.
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  • Educational Background
    1998 - 2001

    Research Assistant at Immunology Lab ran by Dr. Dru A. HensonPublications involved:Nieman, David C, Edith M. Peters, Dru A. Henson, Elena I. Nevines, Milla M. Thompson . "Influence of vitamin C supplementation on cytokine changes following an ultramarathon." Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research 20:11 (November 2000), p. 1029-1035. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 2000.Henson, Dru A., David C. Nieman, M.W. Kernodle, G. Sonnenfeld, D. Morton, and M. Thompson. "Immune function in adolescent tennis athletes and controls." Sports Medicine, Training and Rehabilitation 10 (2002), p. 237-247.

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